12 Best Star Projectors Review | Buying Guide 2022

Best Star Projectors Review

Whether you’re an astronomy nerd or just someone who likes stars, I’m sure you will appreciate a soothing space projector in your bedroom that gives you the feeling of drifting through the infinite cosmos, while playing your favorite music.

The space projectors currently available in the market are technologically very advanced and dynamic. They’re not just simple nightlights anymore as they come with so many different themes and features.

It’s pretty normal to get lost in these shiny features and find it difficult to choose the best star projector available in the market that’ll match your taste.

Don’t worry, I’ve done some thorough research on this topic for the past couple of days and finally came down to these 11 picks which I consider the best of the best.

I choose these projectors not only based on their lighting effects and projection, but also on how convenient they are to use, remote accessibility, speaker availability and quality, connectivity, and many important factors.

List of Best Star Projector:

12 Best Star Projectors Review

The budget shouldn’t stop you or your kids from having a beautiful space projector in the bedroom. In this list below, I’ve discussed both cheap and pricy choices of the best space projectors available in the market.

1. Encalife Star Light Galaxy Projector

BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 - RGB LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Lighting, Nebula Lamp (Blue Stars, Smart App)

Want to get lost in infinite space? Well, this Encalife star projector can be your best bet for its vast 16.7m color options for nebula clouds under green stars.

The display system is moving, so with the huge range of colors available, you’ll be able to enjoy endless combinations of transitory nebula clouds constantly moving around.

Although the visuals shown by the projector aren’t scientifically accurate, they’ll surely provide you with a transcending experience of slowly moving around in the vast outer space.

The projector comes with multiple brightness adjustment systems but sadly, the color contrast change isn’t much compatible with the brightness control. 

You can control the projector remotely from your phone with the provided app, using Bluetooth connectivity. The projector is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can just command them to control the projector for you.       

This USB-powered projector also has a smart timer installed to schedule auto on or off. Despite having Bluetooth access, you can’t play any music on this due to the lack of a speaker.


  • Provides an endless color combination of nebula clouds
  • Multiple brightness adjustment options
  • Remote control via Bluetooth from your phone
  • Compatible with Google Asst. and Alexa voice command
  • Smart timer available for scheduling auto on/off


  • Color contrast isn’t much compatible with brightness
  • The constellation projections are inaccurate

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This projector is a convenient choice for your relaxation time, whether its alone or with your family. The soothing nightlight will help the kids who have a fear of darkness and let them sleep easily.

2. Ontel Star Belly Dream Lites Star Projector

Star Light Galaxy Projector for Bedroom | Alexa, Google Assistant, App Controlled, Adjustable Brightness, 16.7m Color Options, Timer Modes | Laser Starry Nebula Clouds, Night Sky for Kids

Searching for a gift for your little one? This star projector-cum-plush toy from Ontel stands for being the best star projector for kids for its kids’ friendly design.

You can choose among 8 different and interesting designs of toys for your kid. The projector is really easy to use. You’ll just have to push the button on the belly to turn it on, which is really convenient for the kids.

That same button includes the color and motion control for the projector. With 6 different colored visuals and two different motions to choose from, your kids won’t stop getting mesmerized by different combinations. They can also carry it anywhere they want with them, as it’s really lightweight.

Also, for a good night’s sleep, this projector’s beautiful visuals and slow-motion will work like a charm. With your baby’s favorite star bringer toy by the side, it will feel calm and protected after a jolted awake at midnight.

The projector is battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about getting harmed by electricity. Although the projector consumes a good amount of power and requires frequent changing of battery, its 20 minutes auto shut-off timer won’t let unnecessary power consumption occur.


  • Kids find the plush toy design very attractive
  • Easy to operate and carry around
  • 6 different colored visuals and 2 different speeds provide good versatility
  • Battery-powered; safe for kids
  • Auto shut off timer to save power


  • Requires frequent battery changing

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This plush toy-cum-star projector will be a great companion in bed for your kid. It won’t only just be a toy to play with and hug, but your baby will also learn about planets and stars the fun way.

3. Votozi Kids Star Night Light

Ontel Star Belly Dream Lites, Stuffed Animal Night Light, Snuggly Blue Shark - Projects Glowing Stars & Shapes in 6 Gentle Colors, As Seen on TV

You’ll be amazed at how versatile this star projector from Votozi can be. It can function both as a projector and a soothing night light according to your need, which makes it the best bedroom star projector on the list. The projector comes with a white dome-shaped cover to soften the light output.

Enjoy the unique starry night sky projections; and when you’ll need it as a night light, just put on the white cover over the projector.  

The projector doesn’t cost much and is a value deal for its price. With 4 different colored LED bulbs, the projector can offer up to 15 unique lighting effects for you to enjoy.

It also comes with a 360-degree rotating mode which is noise-free. There is a very slight humming noise from the motor but it’s not enough to create any disturbance.

Your kids are going to love this as a gift. It is the best starlight projector because it can both entertain you with its interesting projections and also help them sleep with its soothing night light mode. 

The projector can operate on both battery power or USB power, making it exceptionally convenient and portable.


  • Multi-functional utility as projector and night light
  • Offers 15 different unique lighting effects
  • Noiseless rotation for moving projections
  • Both battery and USB powered
  • Easy to operate and great portability


  • Doesn’t come with a timer
  • No means to control remotely

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This projector is exceptionally versatile and convenient in its use. The projections are not much fancy but are adequate for a fun and relaxing experience for both adults and kids.

4. SunTime Galaxy Star Projector

Night Light for Kids, Votozi Kids Night Light, Star Night Light, Moon and Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation - 4 LED Bulbs 9 Light Color Changing with USB Cable, Unique Gift for Men Women Children

Let’s discuss another product with limited lighting effects but excellent versatility and convenience. SunTime has a unique appearance, and an astronaut-shaped design, which not only makes it attractive but also provides great adjustability. These unique characteristics make it the best star projector for ceiling you can get at this price range.

The projector lens is installed at the little astronaut’s head, which can produce up to 8 different nebula cloud effects. It can also produce a green star collection effect that you can enjoy separately or simultaneously with the nebula effects.

By adjusting the angle of the little astronaut’s head, you can set the perfect projection angle conveniently. You can adjust the lighting effects, brightness, and rotation speeds by the buttons on the astronaut figure’s body as well as a remote controller.

The projector also comes with an auto timer that you can set to 45 minutes or 90 minutes and after the adjusted time, it’ll turn itself off automatically.

For scheduling the timer, you won’t have to break your comfort cocoon because you can access the timer option with the remote control as well. How convenient!

The projector doesn’t have any rechargeable power source and runs only on USB power, which obviously abates the product’s portability.


  • Offers projection angle adjustability
  • Provides 8 different lighting effects
  • Comes with adjustable brightness and rotation speed
  • Can be controlled from a distance with a remote controller
  • Comes with a 45/90-minute auto timer


  • Runs only when powered through a USB
  • Limited lighting effects

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Although it offers few choices of lighting effects compared to others, the projector is highly versatile and convenient. It provides really good value for its price.

5. Clesea Kids Star Projector Night Light

Star Projector Galaxy Night Light - Astronaut Space Projector, Starry Nebula Ceiling LED Lamp with Timer and Remote, Kids Room Decor Aesthetic, Gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's Day

Turns out this astronaut-shaped design is pretty common when it comes to star projectors. This product from Clesea is another good value deal with the same astronaut design. It offers a smaller number of lighting effects but has excellent controllability.

With only 5 distinct but very colorful lighting effects, this projector can set up a perfect relaxing or romantic mood to spend your leisure. The lighting effects consist of various colors combined with nebula clouds along with green stars, which can create up to 10 different themes.

For a convenient setup, the night sky light comes with a noiseless, 3600, horizontal adjustability of the head. You can rotate and find the perfect angle to set the atmosphere. The figure can also be detached from its base and has an adjustable hand angle for decorative purposes.

You can control the projector with the buttons on the back, but the main control is in the remote. Adjusting brightness, color, and flashing speed of the effects can all be controlled only via the remote. So, losing it will be a problem.

The projector comes with an auto timer that you can set to 45 or 90 minutes, and after that certain time it will shut off automatically. Sadly, the projector runs on direct USB power only.


  • Noiseless 3600 projection angle adjustability
  • 5 different lighting schemes can create up to 10 unique nebula themes
  • Offers adjustable brightness and flashing frequency
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Comes with an auto timer to save power


  • No rechargeable power source inside

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This projector is a great value choice that has multiple functionalities. It can be used as a decorative ornament, night light for a good night’s sleep, relaxing material, a toy for your toddler, and much more.

6. Projectables Northern Lights Projector

Clesea Kids Star Projector Night Light with Timer, Remote Control and 360DegreeAdjustable Design, Astronaut Nebula Galaxy for Children Adults Baby Bedroom, Study Room Game White

For the admirers of the northern lights, I’ll be discussing an exceptionally thrifty aurora borealis projector designed by the brand Jasco. This product is not only very cheap but its “From dusk till dawn” sensor is specifically designed to save your penny.

What does this sensor do? It senses the change of sunlight and automatically turns itself on when it’s sunset and off when it’s sunrise to save power consumption.

With its soothing lighting scheme, the night light provides a slowly drifting projection of aurora borealis on your ceiling.

The transitory color works with slow movement and fading can create a beautiful northern atmosphere in your bedroom, which isn’t 100% accurate, to be honest but isn’t so bad either.

Simply plug it into a socket and that’s it. It doesn’t come with an on/off switch or any timer as it only turns itself on/off based on the sensor. For convenient placing, you’ll need to use a corded plug.

The light doesn’t have any angle adjustment option available and is fixed to only project upwards, so I’d recommend using a corded plug for a convenient setup.  


  • Provides soothing projection of the northern lights
  • Transitory colors and slow movements of shapes create a calm atmosphere
  • An installed sensor designed to save power and money
  • Auto on/off based on the sensor
  • Its operation is very simple


  • The only way to turn it off is to unplug it
  • No angle adjustment is available

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This aurora projector is a super budget-friendly choice that is specially designed to save your money. It’s a solid choice for aurora lovers, although the projections are not that accurate.

7. Senlly Night Light Projector

Projectables Northern Lights LED Projection Night Light with Moving Atmospheric Effects, 30404, Aurora Borealis Motion Effects Project Onto Wall and Ceiling,Multi

This projector from Senlly is not so different from the previously discussed two products with some exceptions. With 8 different nebula effects combined with a sporadic green starred sky, the projector can create up to16 different themes. Works perfectly for setting a relaxing mood during your leisure or a romantic mood with your loved one.

You can enjoy the themes while they’re still or moving around with a rotating display. The themes can also shuffle between themselves continuously to provide a dynamic experience, and you can set their frequency to your liking as well.

All these features can be controlled via the provided remote controller conveniently. No matter where you set your projector, you can adjust the figure’s head both vertically and horizontally to find the perfect projection angle. You can also adjust the figure’s arms to create a unique pose for decorative purposes.

Sadly, the projector doesn’t have any rechargeable power source inside it. It is solely run by a USB plug-and-play mechanism. To save power the projector comes with an auto 45/90 minutes auto shut off timer.


  • Can project up to 16 different nebula themes
  • Can project both still and dynamic projection
  • Has adjustability for brightness, rotational speed, and flashing frequency
  • The lens can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally
  • 45/90 minutes auto shut off timer included


  • Doesn’t function without plugging in a USB port

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Kids to adults, everybody will love this beautiful astronaut figurine-cum-projector as a gift. It’s a great product with multiple functionalities and exceptional feature adjustability.

8. Ymkzxil Star Projector

Night Light Projector for Kids, Cute Astronaut Night Light, LED Star Projector, Galaxy Lighting Ceiling Stars, Night Lights for Bedroom, Nursery, Childrens Room (Kawaii Room Decor Aestheticr)

I believe we’ve had enough discussions about the cost-effective products. Let’s discuss some convenient options now, shall we?

Wouldn’t you love a star projector that’s also an audio player? If yes, then this unique UFO-designed star projector from Ymkzxil can be a great addition to your collection with its multi-functional features. 

The projector comes with 4 levels of adjustable brightness, 3 different lighting effects, and 4 different aurora color combos. Combining all the effects the projector can deliver up to 29 different themes for you to enjoy.

As I said earlier, this projector is also an audio player. With its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option, you can connect it to your smartphone or laptop and play any ambient sound or audio content to your liking.

The projector also offers 3600 rotations with flickering light and color-changing effects matching the rhythm of the content to bring life to your parties and ceremonies.

Conveniently control your projector via the provided remote controller. It comes with a Li-ion rechargeable battery installed, so just charge it, and put it to work.  For saving unnecessary power consumption, a 1hr/2hr auto shut-off timer is installed in it.


  • Can project up to 29 different lighting themes
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity to connect with a smartphone
  • Comes with an audio speaker to play your desired music
  • Convenient remote-control option
  • 1hr/2hr auto shut off timer installed


  • Gets hot when used for a longer period

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This unique projector will greatly enhance both your parties and personal relaxation sessions. Be careful around kids, as this product is not safe for your little one to operate alone.

9. EnBrilite Galaxy Projector

This projector from the renowned brand of electrotonic good EnBrilite soothes your soul not only with its beautiful visual projections but also with the beautiful white noise collections that are built into the machine.

You can enjoy these 3 different natural white noise options such as – chirping crickets, ocean waves, and thunderstorms. With 43 different lighting schemes and the sounds of nature from the HD speaker will create the most calming atmosphere in your bedroom, parties, and get-togethers.

The projector also has a Bluetooth connectivity option to connect it with your phone and play any audio you like. This feature will greatly enhance your parties and romantic dinners, making it the best star projector for adults.

For convenient control, a 21-button remote controller is provided. Using the controller you can adjust brightness, lighting style, music volume, and all the different features.

The projector also comes with a 4-level adjustable timer to schedule auto turning on/off. Sadly, the projector doesn’t come with a rechargeable power source. You’ll have to plug the AC adapter to provide the power supply.


  • Very versatile with its multiple functionalities
  • Built-in natural sounds for a calming atmosphere
  • Equipped with 43 different lighting effects
  • Bluetooth connectivity along with an HD speaker allows you to enjoy music
  • Convenient remote controlling enabled
  • 4-level timer provided for convenient auto shut off


  • You’ll lose access to most of the controls if you lose the controller


This one is probably the best sky projector to get a good night’s sleep because of the built-in natural sounds and a large number of lighting themes collection. As it runs by a direct power supply, you should keep it away from your little ones to avoid any harm.

10. FLITI Galaxy Star Projector

Star Projector Night Light, EnBrilite Galaxy Projector with Bluetooth Speaker White Noise Remote Control, Galaxy Light Projector for Bedroom, Celling, Kids, Party, Home Decor (Black)

Are normal star projectors in the market unable to cover your large room? This star projector from FLITI will sure be able to with its globe lens design, which is specially designed to cover not only part of your ceiling but the whole room.

With its ubiquitous lighting system, the atmosphere it can create is unparalleled. Having 4 different color options – the projector can create up to 14 different themes for you to enjoy.

Furthermore, the controls let you be creative with 4 different rotation speeds and 4 levels of adjustable brightness, so that you can kind of build your own dynamic show. And you can control all the features conveniently by a remote controller provided with the projector.

For safe use, the projector automatically shuts itself off after 4 hours using a shut-off timer. You can also manually set the timer to turn the projector off after 1hr/2hr.  

The projector also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker so that you can connect your smartphone or laptop to the projector. Play any audio you like on it, to enliven your parties, dates, and relaxation sessions. The product offers you a 3-month refund and 2-year warranty so that you can reliably use it.


  • Offers exceptionally huge area coverage
  • Provides 14 different themes with 4 different rotational speed
  • Installed auto shut off timer for safe use
  • Built-in speaker lets you enjoy your preferred music
  • 3-month refund and a 2-year warranty for reliable use


  • Gets hot if used continuously over a long period

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Regardless of your room size, this projector can create the most peaceful atmosphere with its large coverage. Don’t let your kids use it without supervision.

11. BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0

The Largest Coverage Area Galaxy Lights Projector 2.0, FLITI Star Projector, with Changing Nebula and Galaxy Shapes Galaxy Night Light

With its superior lighting scheme and cutting-edge technology, this night light from BlissLights will be a great addition to your bedroom, spa room, or gaming setup. The light comes with a direct diode laser with precision glass optics and holograph technologies implemented to provide you a magical experience.

You will find various lighting themes with the transforming RGB nebula clouds and drifting stars to suit your mood. The color contrast of the nebula clouds is realistic and mesmerizing. Just sit the projector down on a flat surface, point it towards the ceiling or wall you desire, and enjoy the magic.

The projector doesn’t require a remote as it connects to a dedicated app via Bluetooth. The app enables convenient control and also relieves you from the worry of maintaining a remote control. You can adjust the brightness, color, lighting schemes, rotation speed of nebula, and all that just by some touches on your phone.   

Charging the projector isn’t any hassle as it comes with a USB plug charger adapter and cable on its own. This dainty light aces in both lighting schemes and controllability which makes it one of the top choices on this list.


  • Realistic nebula clouds for a profound experience
  • Precision glass optics and holograph technologies implemented
  • Impressive color contrast with enhanced brightness
  • Can be controlled remotely with the dedicated app
  • Comes with a charger adapter and cable on its own


  • App wants more access and permissions than necessary
  • Can be problematic for epileptic patients
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This night light does come with shady app management but beyond that its lighting scheme is truly mesmerizing because of its cutting-edge technology installed setup.  

12. YOUDAS Galaxy Projector  

Star Projector Galaxy Light Projector with Timer & Bluetooth Speaker, 43 Color Star Projector Night Light for Kids with Dimmable Moon Projector, Nebula Lamp Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Room Decor

Let’s end the list with a stylish product that’ll bring you great convenience if you go for it. This star projector with a unique alien capsule design can fill up your entire room with its strong yet calm light works that include projections of stars, clouds, and the moon.

You can project the moon, stars, and clouds individually or together as you wish. This versatility along with the rich colorwork collection lets you create your own customized theme depending on the mood or occasion.

The projector also comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option and an HD speaker to connect your phone with and play any music you want alongside the beautiful light work.

You can control the lighting effects, volume, and brightness adjustment features easily and skillfully with the controller provided.

For efficient power consumption, the projector turns itself off after 6 hours of runtime. The timer can also be manually set to 1hr/2hr runtime and after that, it’ll switch itself off automatically. It runs solely on USB power and so you can plug it with your power bank, or laptop and get effective operation.


  • Offers a large number of lighting themes with elements like moon, clouds, stars
  • Allows you to customize your own theme to set the mood
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your phone to the projector
  • Convenient feature adjustability with remote controller
  • Auto timer installed for effective operation and power consumption


  • No protection on Bluetooth connectivity
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No matter the mood and occasion, this star projector can set the perfect atmosphere. From kids to adults, everybody admires its stylish look and beautiful colorwork, which makes it an excellent choice as a gift.

What Makes the Perfect Star Projector?

A starry sky night projector can be a product of attraction for people of all ages. The way these projectors can turn your whole room into a mesmerizingly colorful planetarium for your parties or an animation storyboard for your kids is amazing.

Those who have used a star or constellation projector before, know how different they’re from the projectors we use in our office or classroom every day. As star projectors have a vast range of audiences, the variation of products available in the market is copious as well.

So, how do you find the perfect star projector for you? Check out the points I discuss below.

Purpose and Audience

Before choosing your star projector you must know if you’re buying it for a kid or an adult. You should also know the purpose of its use, as there are various products available with different types of features and amenities.

For kids, there are various kid-friendly projectors available. They’re large enough so that kids can’t put them in their mouths and are often battery-powered instead of being corded to avoid getting harmed by electricity.

Star Projector

Some projectors are specially designed to attract kids. They’re often shaped as stuffed dolls, cars, or toys so that besides enjoying the show, the kids can also play with them.

If you’re planning to buy a projector to enhance your parties or gatherings you should choose a pricier one that has features like a speaker, connectivity, remote control, etc. For personal use, you should prioritize your preference and needs. I’ll further discuss these features next.

Lighting Effects and Display Modes

Space projectors use different sorts of lighting mechanisms and color combinations to show you different visuals. Checking out these lighting effects and mechanisms before buying is a wise move.

There are projectors out in the market that offer up to 10-15 different types of visual effects portraying aurora, solar system, galaxies, or maybe a random starry night sky.

Visuals of a projector can be scientifically accurate or not. The inaccurate ones in the market are designed solely for aesthetics purposes. If you want to buy the projector to enjoy a home planetarium or to teach your kids about the stars, you may go for the factually accurate ones.

Star Projector

Need the projector for a party? Go for a projector that has a good number of uplifting lighting modes. The projectors can also have a static or rotating display. Usually, you’d want a projector that’ll have both of these display modes.

Power Source   

These projectors can either be corded or battery powered. There are also USB-powered and rechargeable battery-powered projectors.

USB and battery-powered projectors are good to place anywhere and thus more convenient to use, unlike corded ones which are required to place near a plug.

Star Projector

Projectors built with different sorts of attractive features and 10-15 different lighting modes are normally USB powered or corded with included AC adapters.

Keep your kids away from these corded projectors, as there is a possibility of accidents caused by these projectors.

Remote Control

Your projector should be equipped with some means of remote controllability, whether it’s via a remote or your phone. It won’t be convenient if you have to get up from your bed every time you need to change the settings of your projector.

Some projectors come with a remote controller included, and some come with Bluetooth or wi-fi connectivity so that you can connect it to your phone.

Shut Off Timer

Star projectors are frequently used as night lights and means of getting a good night’s sleep, so to save power consumption, a shut-off timer is a necessary feature to have. For products designed for kids, an auto shut-off timer is a must-have feature.

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Where should a star projector be placed in a room?

Make sure you put your star projector on a flat surface and somewhere in the middle of the room, pointing it to the wall you want the visuals on.

The center of the room part isn’t really mandatory as it depends on the projector’s display system more, but make sure the visuals mostly fall on a large flat area. Also, the wall corners will distort the visuals, so keep that in mind.  

2. Is the starlight projector worth it?

It depends on your purpose. Some star projectors can be really costly because they try to provide a colorful and authentic projection as the manufacturers built them specifically keeping the space enthusiasts in mind.

If you simply want a projector to use as a relaxing night light or to make your kids fall asleep going for costly options probably won’t be worth it.

3. Are home planetariums worth it?

If you’re someone who gets mesmerized by the beautiful shows of planets and galaxies in planetariums or maybe you’re heavily interested in astronomy, whatever it is, a star projector can be a great addition to your room.  

By getting a star or universe projector you can easily turn your room into a home planetarium. But any random star projector in the market won’t be able to bring the right vibe of a planetarium. 

To get the actual feel, try to buy a star projector that has a rich color contrast and a good number of color combinations. It’d be better if the projector can provide scientifically accurate visuals.  

4. Do star projectors make noise?

Not all of them. Some projectors come with motors to rotate the bulbs for a moving projection. These motors make mild to moderate continuous buzzing sounds in general.

If your star projector comes with a faulty motor, it’ll make a loud and continuous sound that can be really annoying. So, I’d suggest you check your projector’s noise level before buying.

5. Do star projectors help babies sleep?

A star projector can be a really good tool to create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom. With a mild brightness setting, your projector can work as a peaceful night light so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Some projectors also come with a speaker to put on rhymes and soft music of your baby’s choice. This type of home planetarium star projector for kids can be good for putting babies to sleep by lulling them with moving projections and soothing sounds. They’ll also calm your toddler down after it gets jolted awake at midnight and eases your baby’s fear of darkness.

6. How do I charge my starry projector light?

If your star projector says it’s USB powered then you can charge it via any phone charger having a USB port, computer, laptop, or power bank easily. All you’ll need is the charging cable so make sure you’ve received one with your projector package.

Remember not all projectors offer a rechargeable battery option, some run on direct power output. These corded projectors come with an AC adapter with them and to run them you’ll just need to plug the machine into a power outlet.

7. What if I leave the star projector on all night?

Most star projectors come with auto timer systems, to prevent them from running all night long if the user mistakenly keeps them turned on.

Star projectors consume a decent amount of power on their own,
especially if they provide good colored and detailed projections. To prevent waste of power, it is recommended that you look for a projector with a functioning timer system.

8. Is there an accurate star projector?

Yes, there are projectors in the market that offers accurate projections. A realistic star projector is best suited for home planetariums and they’re usually pricier. 

An accurate projector can be a solar system projector, or a galaxy star night light projector, which can show an accurate projection of our solar system or the milky way galaxy.

9. How do you use a starry night projector?

Using a star projector is almost effortless. Most projectors come with a remote controller beside button controls to adjust different settings.

If you find the operation challenging check out the manual that comes with the projector. A manual usually explains all the controls related to the projector profoundly.

Final Words

I hope all the information here helps you find the best star projector according to your choice. As these projectors are used mostly as decorative elements or relaxation factors, personal preferences matter a lot in this decision.  

Also, if you’re buying a projector for kids, remember to check if the product is 100% kid-friendly. Safety should always come first.

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