How To Connect RCA Projector To iPhone

How To Connect RCA Projector To iPhone

As much as we love the iPhone’s 6-inch display, watching content gradually becomes boring. Videos or games, whatever you want to call them, the experience is enhanced by a ton when you have a huge screen to view them on. So what we usually end up doing is we buy a projector.

Buying a projector brings up a whole new range of difficulties, and connecting your iPhone to it is one of them. Regardless, we’ve put together detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting an RCA projector to an iPhone.

In this article, we have figured out how to do it in the simplest way possible. Furthermore, we answered the question of wirelessly connecting your iPhone to an RCA projector. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

How To Connect Iphone To RCA Projector Using USB Cable?

The majority of us have difficulty connecting it due to technical challenges, and some of us have no idea how to accomplish it!

How To Connect Iphone To RCA Projector Using USB Cable

We can safely state that it is the most crucial aspect of the entire procedure, so follow me.

Step 1: Start your Projector

This is quite straightforward; to make a connection from your iPhone to your projector, press the Power button on the projector. However, if your projector has already been switched on, we recommend that you restart it to avoid issues.

Step 2: Connect the HDMI Cable

As the projector gets going, you will need to connect your HDMI cable, which should be included with the projector you bought. However, if yours has issues or doesn’t work properly, it’s always advisable to replace it. Look behind the projector box for a slot labeled “HDMI,” then plug your cable into that port.

Step 3: AV Adapter

You’re probably asking where I should plug in my USB cable at this point. To do so, you will need to purchase an AV adapter. Of course, we prefer Apple’s official one for this, as it is the safest option. However, if you already have the lightning digital AV adapter, you will see that there are two ports.

AV Adapter

With the HDMI cable that you used to connect your projector, you will input the HDMI designated port in the adapter. The other slot, on the other hand, is reserved for your iPhone’s cable.

Step 4: Ready to USE

Now your home theater projector should be ready to be used by your phone. Simply connect your iPhone to the lightning cable that is connected to the AV adapter. As soon as you do that, it might take up to 30 seconds to show your entire iPhone screen to your display. 

Even though it will show a portrait view at first, whenever you will switch to full-screen video mode, the display will get a portrait, and you can enjoy the full experience.

Note: Step 6 should only be followed if your phone’s display still hasn’t appeared.

Step 6: Error Fix

It doesn’t matter if you are using an RCA or an Epson projector; you can run into a situation where the screen on your phone isn’t being displayed. 

To correct this, just return the control panel of the projector. A button labeled “Input Search” or “Source Search” will be seen. Simply push the button once, and it will do the job.

It will take approximately 20-30 seconds to discover the correct input, which is, of course, your phone, and you should be able to see your phone and display synced after that.

Can I Hook My Iphone Up To My RCA Projector?

The answer is yes; you can easily hook your iPhone with your RCA projector. However, you would need a Wi-Fi-enabled projector to do that. To begin, turn on your projector’s wireless network. You can do so by taking a tour of the settings. Connect your Wifi to your projector, of course.

Next up, you have to download the projector’s app from your iPhone. It doesn’t matter if it’s an RCA or Pico projector; each of them should have its app available in the app store.

However, there is also another way to connect your projector with your iPhone. You can easily mirror your iPhone screen to your projector with the Airplay option. Nevertheless, you would only be able to play videos or presentations with this thing. To summarize, your screen is not mirrored, but your apps like Youtube or Netflix are.

Does The RCA Projector Work With The Iphone?

If you have the right equipment, you can mirror your iPhone with any projector. However, with the RCA projector, you will need very little basic equipment to set that up. Moreover, there is always that wireless option available.

Does The RCA Projector Work With The Iphone

According to our review, RCA projectors are great with iPhones as much as they are with androids. You will hopefully get the smooth and seamless experience that we got with our RCA projector.

Does The RCA Projector Have Bluetooth?

Don’t worry; you will be able to connect wirelessly to your speakers as well. The Bluetooth 4.2 version of the RCA projectors ensure that there is practically no latency between your speaker and your projector. However, some of the older RCA projectors did not include Bluetooth, so double-check which one you are planning to buy.

Does The RCA Projector Have Bluetooth


To conclude, if you already own an Apple TV, fasten your seatbelts since the procedure becomes much easier with it. Nonetheless, you only need a few pieces of equipment to enjoy the pleasures of having a home theater and the sensation.

We hope that after reading our advice, you will be less perplexed when choosing a projector. These smart projectors also include Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, making the entire connecting procedure fully wireless.

Except for videos, if you are willing to hook your iPhone instead of using a cable, you will certainly not get the full experience of a much larger display.

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