How To Clean A Projector Inside Lens

How To Clean A Projector Inside Lens

Dust and dirt may accumulate around your projector lens with time and make it look foggy or dirty.

When this happens, you’ll need to clean it ASAP to ensure your device continues projecting clear images—with the right amount of sharpness and brightness.

You need to clean both the front and back sides to make the lens 100% clean and prevent blurred images.

However, you may run into problems trying to do the lens inside cleaning process. And you may wonder if you can remove them from the housing and get behind them for easy cleaning.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to properly and safely clean your projector’s inside lens to keep them in top condition.

How to clean dust inside a projector lens

Before starting this maintenance task, you should understand that the lens can get easily damaged or scratched. Therefore, you need to be careful as you work around it. The process is easy and quick, as outlined in the following steps.

How to clean dust inside a projector lens

Things you’ll need:

  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • Lens cleaner
  • A can of compressed air
  • Tissue or lens cleaning brush

Step-by-step guide:

How to clean dust inside a projector lens

Step 1. Turn off your projector

You first need to turn off your projector and unplug it from the power source. You also want to give it time to cool down before you start cleaning it. Projector lenses tend to get quite hot, and the brittleness is high in this state. So, you’d want to let it cool down to prevent the possibility of breaking it during cleaning.

Step 2. Take it apart for easy cleaning

Next, you need to take apart your projector for easy cleaning of the inside lens. This is a pretty simple process, and you can do it without using tools. Most devices feature a latch or button that you press to get the housing off. However, every model is designed differently, so you should consult your user manual.

Take it apart for easy cleaning

Step 3. Blow the dust using compressed air

Once the housing is off, grab the compressed air can to help you clean the dust and lint residing inside. Consider holding your can around 3-4 inches from your projector and use short bursts as you move the nozzle around the entire housing to eliminate any dust available. Be sure to blow the area around the fan, where the dust is likely to be in higher quantities.

Step 4. Clean the inside of the projector

The compressed air will do most of the job of getting rid of the dust. But some of it might still linger inside the housing. This is where the microfiber cloth comes in. Use it to wipe away all the visible dust and dirt before using moistened cloth, as explained in the next step.

Clean the inside of the projector

Step 5. Work on the projector exterior

Now you need to use a moistened cloth to remove any remaining bits of dust on the projector case. As mentioned in the previous step, only use moisture after completely cleaning the inside. This is because dust tends to easily stick to moisture, making it even harder to clean. Put more focus on the projector fan vent and the surrounding areas.

Step 6. Time to clean the lens

The lens should be the last part of your projector to clean after everything else is clean. Get the lens cap off. Apply 1-2 drops of the lens cleaning solution on a tissue paper or lens brush and use it to gently wipe the lens. Be sure to wipe the lens in a circular motion and start from the center. Note that the cleaner dries on its own (it dries fast!), so you don’t need to dry it. When you’re done, put the lens cap back in place.

projector lens


1. How to clean projector headlight lens?

To clean a projector headlight lens, you first need to remove any dust on its surface with the help of a compressed air can or lens blower. Next, apply a little amount of projector lens cleaning solution on a soft cleaning cloth and use it to gently Wash the projector’s lens in a circular motion.

2. How to clean projector lens from outside?

The process of cleaning the projector lens from the outside isn’t complicated. You first get rid of the dust around the lens outside area using a soft microfiber cloth or a lens blower from your projector lens cleaning kit.

Then, put a small amount of the lens cleaner on the microfiber cloth and rub it over the lens in a circular motion without applying a lot of pressure that could break the lens.

3. How to clean Sony projector lens?

Cleaning Sony projector lens is pretty simple and similar to that of epson led projector and iother popular prjectors. You just need a lens brush, tissue paper, microfiber cloth & single-use lens wipe for proper cleanup.

Remove the lens cap and blow away any dust on the surface of the lens. When all the dust and dirt are gone, apply a lens cleaning solution on a projector lens cleaning paper and use it to wipe the lens in a circular motion, starting from the middle of the lens.

4. How to clean InFocus projector lens

The steps outlined in the above guide will show you how to correctly clean your InFocus DLP projector lens. Remember to apply the lens cleaner on a soft cloth, brush, or tissue paper and not directly to the lens. Also, wipe the lens in a circular motion and don’t apply too much pressure during the cleanup.

5. Why projector lens blurry after cleaning

If your projector lens is still unclear after following the proper cleaning procedure, you may want to look for other culprits behind the blurs. These most common causes include misalignment of the projector and projector screen or incorrectly focused projector lens. You may also want to check if the lens cap is still on.

Final Words

That’s how you clean your projector inside the lens safely and properly. This process is pretty simple, and anyone can do it by following the steps we have outlined above.

You start by allowing your lens to cool off for safe cleanup. Focus on getting rid of the dust on the interior and exterior parts of the projector housing.

Cleaning the lens should be the last part. Only use a lens cleaning agent to avoid damaging it or even the electronics inside.

After reading this simplified guide, you should now be able to clean your lens inside out. And it should continue projecting quality images on the projection screen!

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