How to Make a Cheap Projector Better?

How to Make a Cheap Projector Better

Budget projectors are very popular for watching movies at home. These projectors cost a very low price and provide decent image quality and brightness. But if you aren’t satisfied with the output of your cheap projector, you can always tweak things here and there to make the projector perform better.

So, how to make a cheap projector better? You can follow different methods such as cleaning the lens, dimming the lights, covering windows, adjusting projector position, etc. We will cover all the details regarding how you can make your cheap projector perform up to your liking. Let’s get started.

How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Budget Projector?

Inexpensive projectors are commonly used in home theaters to enjoy movies with friends and family. Depending on the resolution of the projector and type of screen, you can have decent images. But sometimes, these cheap projectors deliver poor output for different reasons.

How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Budget Projector

You need to trace the issue back to its root and eliminate the cause to resolve the issue. Here are some simple techniques for improving the quality of your projector.

Turn Off Light Sources

You need to use dim lights in the theater so that they don’t reflect on the projector screen. Light reflection on the screen can make images blurry. Turn all the light sources off while running the projector to get a perfect image.

Close Doors and Windows

If you are projecting a movie or presentation in the daytime, it is better to close doors and windows. Sunlight can reflect on the projector screen and deteriorate the viewing experience to a great extent.

How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Budget Projector

Increase the Lumen of the Projector

The brightness of the projector has a great role in delivering a perfect output. You can tweak the brightness setting of the projector to extract the maximum lumens from it so that the output image is brighter than usual.

How Can I Make A Cheap Projector Brighter?

If you are facing issues with the image brightness, you can do several things to mitigate the problems. Take a look at them here.

How Can I Make A Cheap Projector Brighter
  • Turning the lights in the room will make the output a lot brighter. Try to turn off all the lights in the room when something is playing on the screen.
  • Adjusting the position of the projector might increase the brightness. The closer the projector will be to the screen, the brighter the output will be.
  • In the case of LED projectors, you can use a smaller screen than usual to make the output image brighter.
  • Your projector might have a high brightness mode. Turn on the mode using the projector setting or remote controller to make the projection brighter.
  • High gain screens can reflect the projected light better than normal screens, hence producing an image with higher brightness. If you have the budget, you can try this.
  • The most cost-effective solution is to clean and maintain your projector regularly so that it continues to perform well for a long time.

How Do You Make a Homemade Projector Clearer?

If you have a homemade smartphone projector or any other cheap projector, you might need to struggle with it to get a clear image. Follow these methods to make your homemade projector clearer.

How Do You Make a Homemade Projector Clearer
  • Adjusting the projector focus is the easiest option to make it more clear. You can do it by turning the focus knob on your projector. Most projectors will have the knob in the back.
  • If the resolution of your projector and computer don’t match, the projector might upscale or downscale the image. Check the resolution settings of both devices and align them to get a clear image.
  • Homemade projectors are often made with a magnifying glass. If the glass isn’t of high quality, you might have blurry or grainy images.
  • Aligning the projector with the projector screen perfectly is key to getting clear images. Try that before getting disappointed.

Can I Increase The Lumens In A Cheap Projector?

Most cheap projectors will have a handful of light modes to adjust the brightness. You can increase the lumens in a cheap projector, but only to a certain extent. If your home theater setup has a projector that produces poor output, make sure you take these steps.

Can I Increase The Lumens In A Cheap Projector
  • Cleaning the lens of the projector is an easy solution to this problem. Dust or dirt can be accumulated on the lens, reducing the overall brightness. Clean the lens every once in a while.
  • Turn on the brightest mode of your projector. Cheap projectors are usually set to lower brightness modes so that the projector fan creates less noise and the projector draws less power. You can tweak the setting to get the maximum lumen possible from your projector.
  • If the projector bulb is old, consider changing the bulb to increase the lumens. 

Why Is My Mini Projector Blurry?

A mini projector can deliver blurry images for different reasons. Here will be a quick overview of them.

Why Is My Mini Projector Blurry
  • If you place the projector on an uneven surface or if the projector isn’t aligned with the screen, it can produce blurry images.
  • Dirty lenses can be one of the biggest reasons for blurry projectors. You need to clean the lens regularly to get a clear output.
  • If the screen is out of focus, you can get blurry images. Tuning the focus of the projector will resolve this issue.

Why Is The Projector Pixelated?

The main reason behind a portable projector delivering pixelated output is the mismatch of resolutions settings between the projector and the image source. For example, if your projector doesn’t support a 4K video but still you play one from your computer, the output image will be pixelated.

The same happens when you play something of a lower resolution on a 1080p or 4K projector. So, you need to align the resolution settings first to fix this issue. The focus issue can also cause images to pixelate.

Why Is The Projector Pixelated

Once you have aligned the resolution settings, you should check the focus and adjust it if the problem sustains. 

Why Is My Projector Grainy?

When the resolution of the projector and the computer don’t match, output images become pixelated or grainy because of wrong scaling. If you see grainy images on the screen, it is most probably caused by the wrong resolution setting of your projector or computer.

Why Is My Projector Grainy

Check those settings to resolve the issue. If the output is still grainy after adjusting the resolution, you can try adjusting the focus. Cheap projectors often lack a feature, which is not having a high adjustability. In those cases, you can also replace the screen and change its position to get rid of grainy images.

Final Words

Our weekends have become a lot more enjoyable, thanks to those cheap projectors that let us watch movies at our homes. But these projectors can be a headache at times if you don’t maintain them properly. Many issues can occur with these cheap projectors, from low brightness to grainy or pixelated output.So, how to make a cheap projector better? You need to identify the problem with the projector and take steps accordingly. We have mentioned different solutions to make your projector perform better. Follow these little tweaks to upgrade the performance without spending too much whenever you feel your projector isn’t delivering as expected.

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