Is Laser Projector Better Than Lamp Projector?

Is Laser Projector Better Than Lamp Projector

While Laser projectors are superior in almost every aspect and are always ready to excel in functionality, it is often necessary to fulfill a specific task for certain occasions.

Initially offered as an alternative to old-fashioned lamp projectors, Laser projectors proved to be more popular among customers as it bargains increased lifespan and image brightness, color accuracy, and clear contrast, while promising zero maintenance.

Is laser projector better than lamp projector?

Yes! Absolutely! You can never be wrong about preferring a laser projector over a lamp projector. 

 In this era of technology, the projectors are equipped with high-end solidstate laser light that promises fantastic brightness, panoramic range of colors, accurate contrast, and everything that you would demand in your projector!

Is laser projector better than lamp projector

This beautiful machine is perfect for any scenario: You are concerned that you might miss details from your favorite DC movie while watching it in your home theatre because of the dark theme? Laser projectors got your back with their extremely high contrast ratio, presenting every detail even in ambient light.

The differences in mechanism 

The traditional projectors typically illuminate a scene by filtering colors from white light, so it significantly drops contrast and color quality. On the other hand, laser projection specifically emits the lights and exact colors required, preserving the brilliant contrast and boosting image quality.

Laser Projector Better Than Lamp Projector

Unlike the lamp-based projectors, the light source of the laser projection consists of a light engine that emits primary-colored lasers which are red, blue, and green, shoot tight from a laser pointer through a rotating mirror, and then are passed through the lens.

Brightness, Color, and Contrast

Trying to present your office document but the natural light is too bright? The laser projector is brighter! You do not need to make your darker to make laser projectors presentable. Talking in numbers, you can even display in 10,000 lumens, which is bright enough to present anything in a large bright conference hall without compromising the color saturation.

Talking about the contrast ratio, the black levels through lasers is way finer than the lamp projectors. As the light output from the lamps is always the same, there is always a backlit effect present in lamp projectors, making the black levels less dark than it should appear.

laser projector

The laser is also rigged with a wider range of colors. Note that the light output system of laser projector emits the primary colors while the traditional lamp emits white light, it is a natural fact that the laser system will have a wide range over colors. 

Are laser projectors more energy efficient?

As stated earlier, the projector lamp emits white lights which is later filtered into colors; as a result, a vast majority of the of the beams coming from the light bulb is wasted. Also, the color accuracy is affected by the backlit effect of the white light when it is operating in high brightness. 

Concerned about your electricity bills? You’ll love laser projectors. It will ensure finer luminosity and better display quality, and yet, it will consume significantly less amount of electricity, making it insanely efficient. Lamp projectors need to “warm up” the bulb before reaching operational conditions, devouring a handful of energy in the process, and wasting your time in the process.

Are laser projectors more energy efficient

On the other hand, as only the required rays are emitted from the light source, the laser projection does not waste any light when functioning, making it energy efficient. 

Now, these fractions of a minute might feel trivial arbitrarily, however, during the rush hours of busy office presentations, these bits of time accumulate to become enough to cause you frustration.

Lamp Replacement

Do not be tricked into thinking that the fine laser requires the same level of maintenance as the traditional projectors; you don’t have to worry about the lamp life as the laser projector does NOT require any sort of replacement lamps.

Lamp Replacement

This is exactly why laser projectors are way more efficient, not only in terms of energy but also considering time and overall management and maintenance costs.

Cost of ownership 

Initially, you may feel that laser projectors are expensive compared to lamp projectors, but, just when you add up the money that goes into maintenance and replacement, the table flips. 

So, think of it as an initial investment, the money you’re putting in bargains for far greater performance and minimum maintenance that are really expensive.

laser projectors

So, before you consider buying a lamp projector to save a few pennies off the upfront cost, take a minute to reflect on all the things you are missing out from a laser projector! Ask yourself, which one is really worth it?

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