LCD Projector Vs LED Projector

LCD Projector Vs LED Projector

You sometimes want to watch your favorite programs on the big screens. But big screens cost big money.

Projectors might be your best pick to project your program easily. Whether you are purchasing a new projector or replacing an old one, you need basic know-how about the projectors.

The two common types of projectors are LCD and LED projectors. These two projectors apply technologies that are well suited for different situations. The best projector is based on your intended purpose and the budget.

This article has gathered the main tips that will help you narrow down to one of the projectors with ease. Be keen to weigh your options to develop the best choice that will satisfy your needs.

Comparison Table

Below is a summary of the key distinguishing factors to help you make the right decision based on your requirements. 

At times one may have to purchase both projectors to suit different tasks. 

LCD Projector Vs LED Projector
FactorsLCD ProjectorLED Projector
SharpnessSharper and more focused pictures.Less sharp pictures with a smooth focus.
Picture qualityLCD projectors offer high-quality images due to its brightness and sharpness.Produces quality pictures but lower than that of the LCD projectors.
LighterLCD projectors come in larger sizes hence heavier than LED projectors.LED projectors are lighter due to their small size.
PortabilityLess portable due to their big size.Due to their small size, they are more portable than LCD projectors.
ContrastOffers high contrast and resolutionLower contrast of its projected images
Color DynamicPoor color dynamics with blurred view.LEDs give a well saturated color with the best color dynamics.
Rainbow EffectLCD projectors offer a better-quality image with reduced rainbow effect.LED projector still gets affected by the rainbow effect on the edges
Light sourceElectroluminescence process generates lightUses a light emitting diode
Technology typeApplies old technologyApplies the best and latest technology producing high quality images.
PriceThe LCD projectors are cost effective but requires expensive maintenance and repairing costLED projectors are more expensive and don’t require constant repairs.

LCD Projector Advantages & Disadvantages

LCD projectors, like any other machine, have advantages and disadvantages.

LCD Projector Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of LCD projectors

  • Produces a more focused and sharper image
  • It has a high brightness level
  • It has a high color saturation
  • The LCD is more light efficient
  • Better image quality
  • It has a longer runtime making it a favorite for watching movies.
  • It is versatile with a wide range of applications.

Disadvantages of LCD projectors

  • Large in size hence heavier to carry 
  • Less portable due to its bulkiness
  • Require a lot of power to operate
  • Inefficient as when compared to the LED

LED Projector Advantages & Disadvantages

Led projectors have their pros and cons. Listed here are the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

LED Projector Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of LED projectors

  • It makes less noise than the traditional projectors
  • Have a low heat output
  • They are small in size hence easily portable
  • Have a long life span
  • Less expensive
  • Are light in weight
  • Low power consumption

Disadvantages of LED projectors

  • Poor image brightness with some rainbow effect
  • Have a hard time producing true black color
  • Produces a lot of noise during operation
  • Projects a lower image resolution

It is important to note that even though every projector has some disadvantages compared to others, each has several advantages that outweigh the cons.

If you can’t afford to purchase a new projector, you can rent one when you need one.

How LED Projectors Work

Light-emitting diode (LED) projectors operate in modern technology with red, green and blue LEDs arrays. When the three arrays mix, they generate a sharp color of white that shines through an image element to project the image on a clear white surface.

The working mechanism operates under a process known as electroluminescence to generate light. This principle uses semiconducting materials such as the diode, which can only allow certain energy to flow through them while restraining others.

How LED Projectors Work

Once an electrical signal flows through the diode, the extra-large electrons are eliminated, and in turn, they release a photon allowing them to fit through the diode. The photon is a recombined particle of light after passing through the prism and lens. A bigger image is projected once the light is cast on the screen.

How does an LCD projector work?

Unlike the LED projectors, Liquid crystal display projectors use a lamp, prism, filters and a three-liquid panel to project an image on a screen.

How does an LCD projector work

LCD uses a mechanism in which the liquid crystal display panel focuses light onto the dichroic prism. The light is scattered as it enters the prism but reconnects as it leaves the prism. As the light leaves the prism, A lens is placed on the ray’s path to magnify the image and cast it on the screen. The light originates from the lamp.

Which one is right for you?

It is a challenge to choose between the two projectors. Each projector is made for a certain purpose. The internal features and the mechanism employed determines the image quality. 

If you are looking for a small size and light-weight projector that will consume less power, Light Emitting Diode Projector is the right one. It is pocket friendly and has ease of mobility.

LCD Projector Vs LED Projector

Are you seeking to project your movies and videos on a big screen with high resolution and high-quality, sharp images? The Light Crystal Display projectors are the best choice for you.

As you can see, your choice is largely dictated by the specific features of the projectors. Make the best choice for yourself. You may sometimes be required to rent an LED projector since it is expensive to purchase.

Final Words

With the increasing need for big screens for various projection works, it is evident that we require projectors that suit our needs. The LED and the LCD projectors are the best leading projectors.

Various features have been discussed in this article to help you make the right decision informed on the type you want. However, it is important to note that both projectors serve the same purpose, resulting in the difference in quality and sizes.

While purchasing the projectors, consider the cost and the life span of the machine. Be careful when handling the projectors and keep them away from dust and fluids to ensure a long life.

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