Projector Vs TV Power Consumption

Projector Vs TV Power Consumption

Today, we have people using projectors as an alternative for TVs in their home theaters. Projectors are convenient because they are compatible with most gadgets. Now that they are both ideal for watching your favorite programs and movies, how about their power consumption? 

With the high cost of living, you may not be willing to spend much on utility bills. Reading on, you will realize that these two options are quite different in their power consumption. This article will expound on how you can determine the energy consumed by TVs and different projector types. 

HDTV Power Consumption 

High-definition TVs have a digital signal transmission allowing them to display the crispiest images. Although they consume a little more power than their standard-definition counterparts, it’s worth the extra penny. A 50-inch 4K HDTV, for instance, has an hourly power consumption of about 66-120 watts. 

To determine how much energy your HDTV consumes, you can check the label behind it. That ‘W’ you see symbolizes the wattage it consumes. You can also read your manual to see the energy your TV uses at maximum load. 

HDTV Power Consumption 

To get the actual watt-hours, multiply that wattage by the number of hours you spend watching. You can then divide your answer by 1000 to get the kilowatt-hours (kWh) your TV consumes. 

Usually, the power an HDTV consumes is determined by the following factors;

  • Age: older sets use almost twice the energy of the new HDTVs
  • Screen size: HDTVs with bigger screens consume more energy, but the energy-efficient types use less (about 66Wh for a 50-inch)
  • Screen display type: cathode ray tubes and plasma screens use more energy

To reduce the amount of energy your TV consumes, normalize switching it off when no one is watching. You may not notice the change instantly, but with time you will. It may even take up to six months to realize the change.

Projectors Types & Power Consumption

Projectors can be a bit demanding in energy consumption. Although the power consumed varies significantly, it ranges anywhere between 50 and 800 watts per hour. The wattage variation is huge because projectors come in different sizes and technologies. 

Some are big and have brighter lamps, so they guzzle more power. Thankfully, some projectors allow you to regulate the brightness. You can keep the brightness at its lowest to reduce the energy they consume. 

Projectors Types & Power Consumption

But, that’s not the only factor for consideration. A projector may also use more energy based on its LED wattage and image tenacity. Below are various projector types and their average power consumption;

1. Battery-powered projectors

Also called pico, these projector models are rather new in the industry. They have a lithium-ion battery that powers them so effectively. These projectors only use about 10-90 watts hourly.

Battery-powered projectors

The batteries come in handy when you want to carry this portable projector. You can also connect it onto the wall and use it like any other projector. The most popular projector of this nature is Viewsonic’s M1. It uses about 8 watts and can deliver for up to 1.5 hours when fully charged. 

2. Digital light processing (DLP) projectors

Finally, a color wheel, reflector mirrors, the lens transmits light in these projectors. As such, they have a remarkably high brightness intensity. This makes them quite suitable even today, despite being the oldest models in the market. 

Digital light processing (DLP) projectors

Usually, a DLP projector has an average hourly power consumption of 150-300 watts. To get the actual wattage, you have to consider other factors like its bulb’s wattage. It’s considered an ideal fit by some people. 

3. Light-emitting diodes (LED) projectors

These projectors consume fairly low power. Although the exact watts consumed depend on the projector specifications, it will not put a dent in your wallet. Your LED projector will consume about 30-150 watts. 

Light-emitting diodes (LED) projectors

You will find good options with excellent features at a reasonable price. Surprisingly, most great picks consume below 100W. You can substitute it with a TV.

4. Laser projectors 

Laser projectors are the most recent. They fill all the loopholes left by their LED and LCD counterparts. What you will find interesting is that you can use them for a longer period. 

Laser projectors

However, their power consumption is quite high. An average projector in this category consumes over 250 watts when serving normally. Consumption could go above 400W, depending on the projector features.  

 How To Find Wattage Of Your Projector & TV

Most modern gadgets come with manuals or stickers indicating the wattage. The wattage is also likely to be on the packaging box. If not, you can google it up or check the manufacturer’s website. This is usually the maximum energy your gadget uses. 

 How To Find Wattage Of Your Projector & TV

Finding the number of watts your TV or projector consumes is not complicated. You can use this formula to calculate it; (power consumed in watts) * (approximate hours you use it per day). This gives you the energy used per day in watt-hours. 

How to Measure your Projector or TV Power Consumption?

It’s likely that you already know how to calculate the amount of power your TV or projector uses daily. You should then divide your answer by 1000 to get the total kilowatts per hour. It’s the unit we use to calculate electricity (kWh). 

To know your TV or projector’s estimated power consumption, you have to know how much your company charges per kWh. Take a utility bill for one month and divide the money charged by the total kilowatt-hours consumed that month. If, for instance, you paid $25 for a month you had consumed 20kWh, it means the company charges ($25/20) = $1.25.

How to Measure your Projector or TV Power Consumption

With this, you can now multiply the cost of one unit by the number of units your TV or projector consumes. That will be your estimated cost of running a projector or TV. 

Does Projector Uses More Electricity Than An HDTV?

As seen, TVs and projectors use power based on their features. You can get a projector consuming less energy than an HDTV, and vice versa. It all depends on your needs. 

Does Projector Uses More Electricity Than An HDTV

Generally, HDTVs are a better alternative for projectors on matters of power consumption. But, it will only favor you if you do not mind less brightness from TVs. You can choose from the best of both alternatives or get an in-between solution. It’s purely about your preference and budget. 

Final words

Both projectors and HDTVs are ideal for watching. But, if you have to incorporate gaming and regular movies, a projector may be better. A 100-inch TV is a good option, but it may consume more power than a Pico projector. Do you get it?

The best idea is to take your time and do the calculations. Of course, you should have your needs in mind all along. The available alternatives are overwhelming. As such, you should find an ideal choice without breaking the bank. 

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