Where Should I Put My Projector In My Living Room

Where Should I Put My Projector In My Living Room

Placing your projector is a big deal if you are doing it the first time. You have to get a lot of things right. And if you ask me, a living room projector setup is your best bet.

Now, there are a lot of misconceptions that you shouldn’t do so. But if you have any experience with projectors, you know that the living room is the most comfortable place to enjoy a big screen.

There are a lot of other discussions that come along with the question about the living room setup. Like the world of bedroom projectors and positioning of the projectors.

You will get all of your answers. Just stick along!

Is The Projector Good For The Living Room?

Well, setting up a projector in the living room is the new trend these days. Because everyone these days wants to have a home theater projector-like vibe for the whole family. But when you set up the projector in the bedroom, other family members might miss that chance. 

Additionally, people had the misconception of the lack of lighting facilities for a projector in the living room. But this is no more a concern for modern high lumen projectors.

Is The Projector Good For The Living Room

Other than this, if you follow some suitable projector positioning, you’ll have an extra edge to your viewing experience. For instance, projector mount in ceiling, putting it on a shelf just behind the displaying area, using a stand or table to set up the projector, etc. 

So, the bottom line is, if you properly set your projector in the living room, it’ll undoubtedly be an excellent viewing experience for you.

Does A Projector Need To Be Centered?

It’s not compulsory to set up your projector in the center place. However, your projector needs to have some special features in that case. It’s called the horizontal lens shifting feature. This feature can shift the image appropriately onto the display. 

Does A Projector Need To Be Centered

However, some might confuse it with the keystone feature. But this keystone correction is another feature that is capable of displaying the image properly even if the projector isn’t placed centrally.

Can I Put The Projector In The Corner?

You’ll get distorted images if you set up your projector in the corner. Let’s get to know what are the probable issues you might face if you put the projector in the corner. 

The first issue will be the keystone effect. Because of the misplacement of lighting, one of the screens might seem shorter than the others. That’s why video projector placement is crucial. 

Can I Put The Projector In The Corner

Another issue can be hot-spotting or glare. It happens because of the tilted projector and unsuitable surface for displaying. 

Off-axis loss of light is another issue. It happens because of inadequate reflection of light when the projector is in the corner. 

However, you can solve these issues in two ways. One is the lens shifting method. Another one is keystone correction. You can go for either manual or autocratic correction to fix the issue.

Where To Put Projector In Bedroom?

Putting a projector in the bedroom is not a bad idea at all. First, you need to decide the surface of the display of the projector. If you are using a wall as the display, we recommend you place the projector centrally with the lens and set it at 8″ above the edge of the display. 

You need to place it so that you don’t have to lookup more than 15°. It should be less than it is for eye comfort. Next check out the projector location. You should go for a short throw projector. 

Where To Put Projector In Bedroom

It refers to the distance of around 3 to 8 feet from the display. It should be placed at a comfortable distance of your preference. If you are setting it on the projector ceiling mount, make sure you keep the factor of vertical offset in mind. 

Where To Put Your Projector In Living Room?

Putting your projector in the living room depends on several factors. Such as lighting conditions, space in the living room, interior, furniture, wall surface, and so on. However, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below to decide where you should set up your projector in the living room. 

Where To Put Your Projector In Living Room

Mounting The Projector On The Ceiling 

If you are planning to use projectors on a daily basis, then it can be a good idea to set them on the ceiling. Usually, the ceiling of the living room isn’t that high. So, it can perfectly align with the display and provide a worthy viewing experience for sure. 

Mounting The Projector On The Ceiling 

Use a Shelf Behind The Display Area

Well, sometimes mounting on the ceiling might seem difficult. In that case, you can use a cabinet or a bookshelf that is high enough to provide adequate lighting for the display. 

Using A Mini Table or Coffee Table

If you are planning to use the projector on a temporary basis, then you can just get a mini table to set up the projector and use it when it’s needed. 

Using A Mini Table or Coffee Table

Using Mobile Projector Stand

Other than this, there are various types of mobile projector stands available that come in many sizes and heights. So, all you need to do is avail one that you prefer and set the projector on it and enjoy the watching experience. 

Using Mobile Projector Stand

How do you set up a living room with a projector?

Well, you need to consider several factors while setting up a projector. Because, it consists of some additional installation like projector stand, projection monitor, etc. 

How do you set up a living room with a projector

You gotta be cautious while doing so. Because some clever technical decisions to set up the projector can change your viewing experience completely. So, let’s get to know about the step-by-step procedures. 

Step-1: Unboxing Time

First, you need to know what comes with the packaging of a projector. Other than the projector display, the packaging consists of a remote, WiFi adapter, screws, etc. 

Nevertheless, we recommend you remove the protective films from the display in order to get an excellent viewing experience. 

Other than this, check out the stand that comes up with the projector. Though you can set the projector on a table or stand, you should go for a customizable set-up of the projector. So, check the adjustable facilities of the stand and then go for it. 

Step-2: Placement of The Projector Display 

Now the crucial part comes where you need to decide the most appropriate place to set up the projector. Well, before that, you have gotta settle upon the projection display you are preferring. 

Placement of The Projector Display 

You might choose between a flat screen or a wall. Whatever you choose, make sure it perfectly aligns with the space of the living room you are setting up the projector. 

Step -3: Room Lighting vs Projection Screen

Then the important factor comes from lighting to the projection screen. Make sure you are setting up the projection display at the opposite of lights. As a result, you won’t have to worry about dim lighting while watching. 

Room Lighting vs Projection Screen

Step-4: Sound System of The Projector

Next comes the sound system factor. If you wanna have such movie theater vibes, then we recommend you set up the speaker behind the projection display. This will create a dynamic surround sound in your living room and you will feel like watching the movie from the theater. 

Sound System of The Projector

It creates an illusion of the sound that comes out of the display and makes the viewing journey more realistic. Take another thing into consideration the main speaker needs to be appropriately placed in between the left and right speakers. 

Step-5: Setting Up The Projector 

As of now, you are confident in placing your projector display and sound system. Now it’s time to simply set up the projector according to it and install the device. You can follow several installation procedures to do it. 

For instance, you can use a mobile projector stand, or simply on a coffee table if you are looking for temporary installation. Additionally, you can go for setting it up on the ceiling if you want to use it on a regular basis. 

Step-6: Final Internal Setting of The Projector 

After the installation, it’s time to check the picture quality and clarity. On the machine, you will find various dials to check these things. You can use a manual guide to get clearer instructions. 

Setting Up The Projector 

Check out the focus and zoom of the projector and set it up according to your comfort. Then explore the other dials to know about the functions it offers. 

Final Words

No matter how top-notch your projector is, if the setup isn’t appropriate, then it won’t add any value to your watching experience. 

Well, we are certain that now you are well aware of the factors that you need to take into consideration while setting up the projector in the living room. To be frank, it’s completely your preference to put the projector according to your choice. 

We are providing you necessary guidelines to make your decision better. Hope it will help you the most. Good Luck!

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