Why Are Projectors So Expensive?

Why Are Projectors So Expensive

The projector is an excellent tool for entertainment and professional jobs. Many of us badly need this device, but when we compare the price with TVs and computers, we are not that excited anymore. The reason is that the cost of projectors is mostly higher than our budget.

But why are projectors so expensive? We will try our best to share all possible functional and economic reasons behind it. 

Finally, we will give you a basic idea of the price of projectors and what types of projectors you should choose based on your needs.

So, stick with us till the end.

Why Are Projectors So Expensive? (Economical Perspective)

There are actually many reasons for the high price of projectors. Not all the factors are the same, but they are equally important in some way. 

Here we will discuss three perspectives of why projectors are so expensive.

Why Are Projectors So Expensive

First, we will discuss the ‘economic perspective’. Then we will see the ‘technical perspective,’ and finally, we will end our discussion with the ‘practical perspective’.

1. Economical Perspective

Most people don’t want to see the economic site. But it really matters. It seems that TVs, computers, and projectors are similar products, so why are only projectors expensive?

Did you know a projector is not a normal good like a television or computer? Yes, that’s true.

The projector is basically a luxury product, so you can not compare a luxury product with a normal product like TVs or laptops. 

The reason is tv laptops are convenience goods, everybody has the necessity of this product, so there are a lot of producers to fill the demand. Therefore, the price doesn’t cross the margin. That’s why the price stays normal all the time.

Economical Perspective

But the case is not the same for the projector. Not everyone has the necessity to have a projector. We normally buy these for special occasions or when we have some special work to do. Usually, well-off people have one in their movie room.

So as the demand is not that high, there are only a very few producers who produce this and set the price in their own way.

We are not saying this is the only reason. We are saying this is one of those reasons that we never think of.

2. Technical Perspective

Like mobile phones, TVs, and computers, projectors also come in different varieties. Before getting into the discussion let’s take a look at all different types of projectors. This will give us a better understanding.

Technical Perspective

There are basically 5 major types of projector 

  • DLP (Digital Light Processing) 
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • LED (Light-emitting diode display) 
  • LCOS (Liquid Crystal Technology on Silicon) 
  • Laser

The following are basic features of each of these projector types

Projector TypeLamp LifeHeat PortabilityCostLimitation
LEDLonger 30000 hoursLessMediumMediumLED less bright
DLP2000-5000 hoursLessMediumHighPoorer contrast
LCD2000 hoursMediumLowMediumImage degradation/Dead pixels
LCOS2000 hoursMediumLowHighHeavyweight
Laser20000 (maintenancencece hours)LowHighHighHigh intensity

A projector has certain features that contribute to its higher price. We will see that one by one.

Projector Type: Frankly, a projector can be categorized in many ways. You can categorize them by their display, throw distance, or even brightness. Their price will increase when such features become standard or higher.

Projector Type

Well, let’s see them in detail.

  • Display – We classified the projectors depending on their display/resolution The display is the most important part of a projector. When you have the best and the latest display, you have to pay the most.

As we have shown earlier, laser projector is the most expensive one in the market. The reason is it can provide a longer lifespan with the maximum brightness.

The same goes for the DLP projector. Their display has the ability to show a 3D view on a large screen. Moreover, it can provide a sharp and clear image. So it’s understandable that the display cut the most percentage of the price. 

  • Throw Distance – In simple words, ‘throw distance’ indicates the gap between the projector and the screen. A high-quality projector always has the option to customize the throw distance. 

So that you can easily make them long and short according to your work needs.

Throw Distance

You can find a long-throw projector or a short-throw projector separately. This is also an important feature and it has some particular advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, long-throw projectors are brighter because they need to travel a long distance. Similarly, the lighting condition is way better on the short-throw side. These things affect the price segment.

  • Brightness or Light Source – ‘Brightness’ is the life of a projector. The reason is the projector projects the image on the screen by throwing light shine. It will not be enough to get a clear image if the shine is too low.

So producers need to construct a projector that has the brightest light source which can be delivered with a proper lens. 

lumen is the scale of measurement of the light source. There are two types of measurement systems, one ‘lumen’, and another ‘ANSI lumen’. ANSI lumen follows the  American standard measurement system. You can choose any of them to measure your projector light.

Well, that is not the issue. The thing is when you are getting a projector with the brightest light source. The price increases automatically..

  • Projector Lamp Life – There is one type of projector that has a lamp or bulb to create the light. LED, DLP, LCD projectors fall on these sites. There are also other types of projectors that don’t use it.

For example laser projector. To create the image they use a laser. Though it’s pretty expensive but it’s worth buying., The reason is it can give super clear images. If its 3D or 4D then the price will be a bit more than regular

Well if we are talking about lamp life. Expensive projectors have better lamp lives. Usually, a bulb projector has an average of 2000 hours of lamp life. If you get a better lamp life projector you have to pay some extra.

On the other hand, laser projectors have more or less 20,000 hours of lamp life. It goes for years without any problem. These things make a projector expensive.

  • Projector Resolution – As with other factors, this one is largely responsible for the projector’s insane price tag. Users are always looking for clear image quality in their projectors.
Projector Resolution

The high resolution gives the perfect quality image. And higher resolution required more pixels. These things in turn drive up the price.

The highest projector resolution you could find will be 4K (3,840 X 2,160 pixel) But other normal projectors have SD (Standard Definition), HD  (High Definition), and FHD (Full High Definition) quality resolution which is decent but not the best.

FHD is the current most selling projector. The resolution of the FHD projector is (1,920 x 1,080 p)

SD and HD are now kind of out of date, but they are still in use. The resolution of the SD projector is (852 x 480) which is 480p or 480 pixels. And the HD projector resolution is (1,280 x 720) which has a 720p resolution.

Thus, as the resolution increases, the price increases as well.

  • Projector Sound System – Previously the projector didn’t come with any sound system. Users need to buy a dedicated soundbox for hearing the audio. But now the company also offers a soundbox with the main product. 
Projector Sound System

Especially when you have the 4K projector and you set it up for the home theater. Companies now recommend the appropriate sound system for your projectors with other essential accessories. 

These things make the price higher. 

Projector Refresh Rate – Frankly, people care less about this thing, but actually, it’s really important, and it’s also responsible for the projector’s high price.

Refresh rate indicates how much time it takes to generate the image after delivering the light or laser ray from the lens.

A good projector always provides a faster refresh rate. Usually, the refresh rate is good when it’s more than 60Hz. With an increasing refresh rate, you will have a better experience.

For a projector, 240HZ is the highest refresh rate. But the normal projector has more or less 60Hz which is not that bad.

3. Practical Perspective

Projector is a multipurpose device which can be used for different work. So naturally, the price goes higher.

Let’s see all other practical perspectives of why projectors are so expensive.

4K Feature – Just even a decade ago it was unthinkable that you could see 4k video on a projector or anything else. But now it is just a matter of money. The incredible technology brings the 4k experience to your home and you can enjoy that with all other people.

Practical Perspective

Though it has never been cheap. Still, you’ve to pay at least $4000 or $5000 for a primary 4k projector but at least it’s now possible. And this is what makes a projector an expensive product for most people.

Portability – Can you bring your 4k TV while traveling and enjoy it with your friends? That’s not possible anyway. But bringing a projector anywhere is an extremely common thing.

You can enjoy a movie or game with everyone using a projector, as it is very portable and can be taken anywhere.

However, it’s a light-weight thing, so you won’t face any problems while traveling with this.

High Power Consumer – Honestly projector is not a power-efficient device like a television or computer. It consumes a lot of energy when it runs. You also have to carry a bigger battery or power supplier when you are going to use it outdoor

So this is another important point of making this device an expensive purchase.

Multipurpose Device –  This is one of the most interesting things about the projector. You can do so many things with this single tool. And it doesn’t have any better replacement in the market.

You are not only enjoying your movie or game with the projector. You are allowed to do your presentation with these large screen projectors. Don’t you? 

It can also be used for playing video games, taking classes, or even video conferencing.

And everything is happening with a large clear high definition or 4k screen. So you can not complain about that.

Micro Theater – You can make your own theater at home with a high-class projector. No more buying any tickets and waiting for your friend for hours outside the movie theater.

Now you just step up your projector. Add a quality full sound system and make the atmosphere like a real theater at your home. Bang! Your own home theater is ready, and it is just under $6000. 

Though it’s not cheap, it’s possible at least. And this is why you need to spend more on a projector.

What Makes 4K Projectors So Expensive?

The main reason is the resolution and the technology. Where a FHD (Full High Definition) display has the (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution, a 4k is ready to provide 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution. 

Frankly, making a 4k resolution is an insanely hard job. You have to compress the pixel more to get a good picture quality. It also required some expensive hardware.

What Makes 4K Projectors So Expensive

Usually, normal 4k projectors, which are used in theaters or halls, are quite bigger in size. That’s pretty easy to make. 

But when you make a 4k projector for individual use, you have to make the machine extremely small. Otherwise, people won’t be able to carry this.

Why Are Laser Projectors So Expensive?

Technology is the thing that makes laser projectors costly. Usually, projectors use bulb or lamp technology. It means the light source is a bulb that has a particular lifespan. When it gets damaged, or the lifespan has finished. The user needs to change the bulb.

Here Laser projector has done something else. They use a laser instead of a bulb for the main light source. Lasers are quite more expensive than a lamp, but it is more powerful in contrast.

Why Are Laser Projectors So Expensive

Where a bulb projector gives 2000 hours of lamp life, a laser can give 10 times higher than that. It means you will get a total of 20,000 hours of life which is way better than a regular bulb projector.

How Much Should I Spend to Buy a Projector?

That’s honestly a tough question because it totally depends on your needs. If you just want it for taking class, then a regular HD projector is ok. You don’t need to spend $10,000 for that.

Generally, $200 to $1000 is a very good range to get an HD projector. Still, it depends on the quality of the product, and you have to consider some other factors.

Similarly, if you want to get a projector to watch movies or sports at home, you have to spend a bit more because just an HD resolution is not enough for a giant screen.

How Much Should I Spend to Buy a Projector

Moreover, you won’t enjoy your game or movie on such an ordinary screen. If it’s a 4k movie, then you won’t even be able to use that on your projector. So, in this case, you have to spend at least $2,500. And to get the best quality, it will cost more than $15,000.

Well, if your plan is to make a mini-theater at home, then your budget should be huge because FHD resolution is not enough. You have to get the 4k for this. And the starting price of a 4k projector is more than $5000. 

However, if you want the best quality, then make a budget of around $10,000 to $15,000.

Is It Worth Buying a Projector With Such a Big Amount?

Surely it does because it’s able to fulfill your needs. Moreover, the projector cannot be replaced with a cheaper alternative. So buying a projector won’t be a bad investment.

In addition, not all projectors are costly. As we have mentioned earlier, you have to buy a projector based on your needs. If you can satisfy your needs with a regular HD projector, then just $100 to $300 is enough.

a Projector

Additionally, if you have a membership card at a super shop or bank, then you will get a discount while buying your projector.

Final Word

With this clarification, we believe your confusion regarding the cost of projectors has been resolved. People initially make mistakes comparing projectors with other electronic devices. And they think the projector is overpriced.

Honestly, it’s not entirely wrong; however, there are a lot of valid reasons which explain why are projectors so expensive.

Here we have discussed three different perspectives to understand why a projector is expensive. The first one is the economic perspective, then the technical perspective, and the final one is the Practical perspective.

We also have to explain how much you should spend on the projector according to your needs. We hope it will give you the expected answer.

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