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10 apps to help you reach your goals Written by Michelle Beck on 29. March 2016

Best apps for goal-setting

We all know the familiar story of failed resolutions. We tell ourselves we’re finally ready to quit smoking or start going to the gym and then by the next month we’ve totally forgot what we set out to do. Work, commitments and general stress bog us down and suddenly it’s the end of the year and we’re writing out new resolutions all over again. How to avoid this repetitive pattern? Well nowadays, there truly is an app for everything. Some are just for fun and others delightfully distracting but others, like the ones below, can be of huge help!
We’ve compiled a top ten list of apps that will help you achieve your goals and resolutions. Whether you hope to budget better or to finally get to that next level in German, these apps will keep you on track.


Todoist – This app helps you keep on top of both work and play. Whether you are trying to juggle a busy social life or a hectic work schedule, you can label, prioritize and colour-code all on this simple and easy-to-use app.


Hoteltonight – If one of your resolutions is to travel more, this app is perfect for helping you plan those spontaneous trips that you tell yourself you’ll do. The app offers deals on over 10,000 hotels, many of which are premium and rooms can be booked within minutes.


Centralway Numbrs – This app goes beyond the traditional spending tracker app. It connects with your mobile banking and automatically categorizes where exactly your money is going. It’s a helpful budgeting tool that securely manages your finances and lets you analyze your spending history.

Concur – Concur helps you keep track of travel and business expenses. You can track currencies and manage hotel and flight plans. It also helps you generate an easy expense report when you get back to the office! Frequent business travellers say this app is a godsend.

Learning a Language

Duolingo – If you’re moving to Germany this year or are already here and wanting to improve your German, this app is a lifesaver. There are listening, speaking and comprehension exercises in an easily digestible format. With Duolingo around, no excuses!

Improving Health

Freeletics – If you’ve told yourself it’s time to get in the best shape of your life (or just to tone up a little) it’s time to download Freeletics, “the personal trainer in your pocket”. The app gives you a personalized workout plan (all workouts are body-weight focused) and a huge community of people all working towards the same goal. There’s also nutritional guides.

Smoke Free – Quitting smoking is never going to be easy but with this app it’s a more achievable goal! Smoke Free lets you track your progress, find out how much money you have been saving and how your health is improving.

Charity and Giving

Share the Meal – Every time you sit down for a meal, this app allows you to donate as little as 35p to provide a school meal for a Syrian child. It’s a simple idea run by the UN World Food Program and makes it easy to have a positive impact.


Bumble – Bumble uses Tinder’s basic set-up but adds a twist – women always have to make the first move! Women have 24 hours after a ‘match’ to say something otherwise the connection disappears. Work and education info are also included and users say this brings a ‘higher quality’ selection of both men and women.


SCRIBD – Whether you want to delve into your favourite genre more or finally get to the classics, SCRIBD allows you unlimited access to a huge database of e-books and audio books. You’ll also be joining a huge online community who rant, rave and review and you can even share what you’ve been working on.