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The 10 best football apps and websites you should score for Euro 2012 in Germany Written by Linsey Fryatt on 13. June 2012

football germany

Euro 2012 is in full swing, and between now and 1 July, you’ll find the streets of Germany filled with football fans enjoying Euro 2012 matches in hundreds of ways – from back gardens to beerhalls to mass viewings at Brandenburg Tor.
If you’re a newcomer to fußball fandom in Germany here are some of the best services to load up on your smartphone or bookmark on your PC so you never miss a match. Viel Spaß!

football germany

Official UEFA EURO 2012 app

The official UEFA app may not have many surprises, but it’s a comprehensive coverage of all things Euro 2012, including team lineups, fixtures and regularly updated stats, video and image galleries.

carlsbergCarlsberg UEFA 2012 app

The sexiest app on show, this app from Carlsberg features super-slick design and some great content – as well as daily news, multi-language commentary, there’s also a bar finder, plus voting for the Man of the Match after every game.
remote control

Euro 2012 German TV

You can either watch live streams from German TV channels ARD and ZDF on your PC, but if you really want to free up your viewing, download Zattoo TV where you’ll find over 50 channels that you can load up onto your iPod, iPad or Android device so you never miss any action.

Euro 2012 German radio

If you want to brush up on your German language skills at the same time as following the matches, then tune in to one of the German sports channels to enjoy the matches the old-school way. The TuneIn Radio app will give you access to hundreds of German sports channels on pretty much any mobile device.
90elf, the popular German football channel has it’s very own app that will let you listen to full-length Euro 2012 games, as well as tap into 1st and 2nd Bundesliga and European leagues, plus funny, well-informed chat and analysis.

Euro 2012 betting

If you like to spice your Euro 2012 up a little, try Kicktipp – this betting app will let you set up your own betting league quickly and easily so that you can start an office syndicate of up to 300 people. Game on!

spielverlagerung copyNerd over those stats

If you like your football served with a healthy side-order of statistics, then check out Spielverlagerung. This fabulously focused website offers detailed post-match analyses, focusing on team formation and tactics used in each game – complete with these awesome little graphics.

The best pubs and public viewing

Did you know that it’s actually illegal in Germany to watch a football match without a beer in your hand? On the insane offchance that you can’t find a suitable pub to watch a game, try the charmingly named WherethefuckshouldIgofordrinks will serve up some of the best pubs in your kiez.
Or if you fancy the joining in the communal cheer, this awesome list of Public Football Viewing Spaces for the whole of Germany will ensure that you can get steeped in German football-mania.

Indulge your inner football pundit

Last but not least, if you feel the need to air a burning opinion on the latest kickyball goings-on, home-grown hero app Amen will let you vent your spleen in real time with other clued-up footy fans. “White is the best football shirt in Euro 2012 Ever. Amen.”