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9 hipster ways to bring your Instagram photos to (real) life Written by Linsey Fryatt on 11. June 2012

Last week saw news of Cardagram, Rocket Internet’s new Postagram-style service that creates postcards of your favourite Instagram shots. And it’s no surprise that Rocket has jumped aboard the Instagram train – the service now has more than 30 million users worldwide, and a recent billion-dollar takeover by Facebook.
So far, so predictable. Printing onto postcards is so passé. We want to free our Instagram art onto more than mugs – here’s our top 9 ways to free your Instagram shots into your hipster home (yeah, top 10s are so lame)…

artflakesStickers and decals – for Apple Macs and fixies

With Artflakes and Instagoodies, your Apple Mac can get adorned with shots of your fixie bike; or your fixie stuck all over with shots of your Apple Mac. Either way, it’s meta.

lucyLeave the (night)light on

What self-respecting hipster isn’t afraid of the dark? Independent designer Lucy Lambtail markets her nightlights on Etsy, where you can choose the right image (make sure it’s something contrast-y, like horn-rimmed glasses on a pale face).

boniverBon Iver all over your pillow

Stitchtagram will take your favourite images (perhaps from that latest Bon Iver gig, or your hipster cat and print them onto a pillow that will absorb those salty tears of loneliness.

picpackThat tofu still has calories you know

What’s in your fridge? Some Club Mate and smoked tofu? Picpack will make the outside of your cooler, well, cooler. Perhaps some artfully snapped images of cupcakes THAT YOU CAN NEVER EAT.

bangleI wear my art like a bangle

This Instagram-inspired bangle shows off wistful country roads set in chunky resin. Warning – may be too heavy for willowy hipster wrists.

casestagramI take my shots on my iPhone and then put them on my iPhone

Casetagram is just one of the services that personalised iPhone 4/4S cases, so that the world will be in no doubt that you are creative and individual with your iPhone.

blurbWhat, you mean you *don’t* self-publish?

Put the “self” into “self-publishing” by creating your own coffee-table tome so that visitors can marvel at your blurry shots of abandoned fairgrounds. Blurb wil make this happen for you.

polaboyAvoid ‘Roid rage

Polaroid shots are all good and well, but the film’s expensive and results can be shady. Invest instead in sending your fave Instagram shot to the Polaboy boys and they’ll blow it up to 10 times the size of a Polaroid, and backlight it so everyone can see what a sensitive genius you are.

photoboothI only do online Photoboothing

Ignore the real-life Photobooths in Berlin, so last year. PopBooth will take four of your hippest prints and deliver them to you in real photobooth-style.
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