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10 ways to lose your job Written by Britta Kiwit on 8. July 2016

New week new luck. On the way to work you look a little euphoric again. But your shuffling footsteps in the hall show how you really feel. Here are 10 points for recognizing your apathetic attitude and what you can do to avoid sabotaging your career.
1. You take no responsibility
Your project is not completed on time because other departments failed to meet the deadlines? Not your problem! You were finished and could not help the delay.
The main motto is: Do not be a victim but a creator! There is nothing worse than colleagues who always put the blame on others. Employees who take responsibility exude strength and self-confidence.
2. Being late has become your habit
“I stand up in the morning. The coffee is delicious, I put it down again, unfortunately horny.” True to the motto of Deichkind you have a thirst for everything, not only arriving late to the office. If you’re late every day your listlessness can be observed from a mile away!
Latecomers signal that they do not carry out tasks, appointments and meetings seriously. Arriving late – and regularly – is disrespectful and you should avoid it. A small thing to try: Put your clock ten minutes forward. At least for the next few weeks it will help to break the routine.
3. You write more Whatsapp messages than emails
Since there’s Whatsapp for desktop, you’re constantly glued to the screen, but only really to plan your evening. Once a colleague approaches your desk, you open a new window quickly. This can go well for a while but it’s not satisfactory to anyone.
It’s not fatal to send a message to a friend from the office, but don’t chat in real time. Set time windows to help structure the day.
4. You keep important tasks waiting
There it is. A task that’s been on your table since February. You’ve changed the deadline so often that you no longer can be taken seriously.
Classic case of procrastination. What can you do about it? Split the task into several subtasks – so the mountain of to dos appears not so big and you can work better.
5. Work to rule: You celebrate Friday when it’s only Monday
With you every day is Friday. From 16:00 you look carefully at the clock and start a loud countdown before the moment you leave.
Even if it is your right to leave work early, it is also about the feeling that you radiate. Most importantly, at least work off your to dos and don’t let others wait for you.
6. You don’t want to know your colleagues better
Once the first “Good Mornnning” echoes through the corridors, you’re so annoyed you want to throw the keyboard across the room. For a team, that’s dangerous! You spend so much time of your life at the office – maybe you should stop sometimes for a little chat over coffee with your colleagues.
7. You no longer like to participate in team events
The next one is that you fear the team events. It annoys you to see the same people in your spare time and find any kind of exchange superfluous.
It’s clear that not every colleague is going to be a new best friend – they don’t have to be. But what if you suggested a beer sometime? A game of table tennis in the park has never hurt anybody.
8. Your emails are too long and full of errors
Here one can feel your listlessness. Your responses resemble a torpedo. Everything is conveyed as quickly as possible, with maximum speed from your mailbox and there’s a pattern arising: unfiltered, unstructured emails that contain errors and colleagues have to do more work than necessary.
Try to keep it as short as possible and always try to provide a solution.
9. You no longer worry about your development
You’ve already accepted the daily routine. New ideas or changes in the process you shy away from immediately. “It has always worked like that” has become your favorite motto.
Stagnation means death. The human being is a creature of habit, but it is not wrong to leave your comfort zone and to reflect and look at what we can do better. So every week take out some time for reflection and ask yourself, “What could have been done better?”
10. You talk bad about your work with your friends
One should like to go to work at least three out of five days. If that is not the case with you, it can lead to dissatisfaction that you take home with you. And you’ll only keep negative situations in your head.
You need to find out what’s causing your displeasure before it’s too late and you can no longer leave the rat race.
[divider]About the author[/divider]
Britta Kiwit is founder of, a startup that helps people prepare their job applications and create outstanding CVs.
Image: .bravelittlebird via