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Why I want to help 10,000 refugees get jobs Written by Hussein Shaker on 18. April 2016

The long, perilous journey to Germany and sleeping rough on a basketball court for three months are only two of the many obstacles I overcame in the process of becoming a legally recognized refugee in Germany. And even being legally recognized as a refugee is only the first step of a long rebuilding process. I started to learn German in order to integrate into the German society. And after a few months I started to look for work, but the language barrier meant I really didn’t know where I could find work or get help in doing so.
When I met Remi (MigrantHire CEO), he told me about his idea of helping refugees secure meaningful long-term employment. The plan was to build a job platform that caters to the specific needs of refugees. As someone who was experiencing the difficulties firsthand, I was excited by his idea and encouraged him make it a viable, workable enterprise. It didn’t take long before I became a part of MigrantHire’s awesome team as a co-founder. Joining the team also meant that I was the first hire of MigrantHire.
After we launched our website many people from a wide range of professions (developers, engineers, designers, teachers and more) registered. A refugee can get a work permit after they become legally recognized, but there are legal and bureaucratic rules that are confusing for both employees and employers. We are here to help with these issues on both sides.
20160415_000459I want to help 10 000 refugees to get a job because as a refugee, I know that many of us were qualified professionals in our previous lives. We are only in need of a chance to start working in order to start a new life in our newly adopted country. I know from personal experience that it is very difficult to arrive in a new country ignorant of how things work while trying to integrate as best one can. If we can help other refugees secure meaningful employment, they will no longer need assistance from the government and instead start taking their first steps toward becoming a contributing member of society.
If you are a company and you want to hire a talented person who happens to be a refugee, visit
If you are a refugee and want to know what it takes to build a business in Europe, come to our event on April 18th and 19th at Betahaus, Berlin.
[divider]About the author[/divider]
Hussein Shaker is from Aleppo-Syria. He arrived in Germany on March 2015. He became involved in MigrantHire as a Co-founder and Community Manager and hopes with his team to find 10,000 jobs for refugees.