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The Good, The Bad, The News: This Week in Germany Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 17. July 2015

It’s been a week full of events and with many news. Get your weekly overview about what happened in Berlin and the rest of Germany. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday!

EatFirst pauses service in Berlin

EatFirst is a Rocket Internet-backed food service, that offers three meals and promises to deliver them within 15 minutes. While it seems to work in London, the company decided to pause its service in Berlin. A spokesperson mentioned that customers requested more different meals to choose from. Therefor, more cooks will be hired, other employees might leave and work in other Rocket Internet startups.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Carspring launches in Germany

Rocket Internet’s pre-owned automobile platform Carspring launches in Germany soon. It previously launched in London. The platform wants to connect pre-owned car owners and new buyers and promises to buy the car itself in case it doesn’t get sold. Before a car gets sold it will be tested by the company’s inspectors. Once it is sold, the new buyer has a two week test drive and can return the car if not satisfied. While the inspection, valuation and delivery is for free, Carspring does take a commission (5 – 10%).
[TechCrunch], [Gründerszene] (German)

EyeEm launches market place in Germany

Berlin-based photo sharing app EyeEm launches its market place in Germany. It lets publishers, editors, brands, and anyone else with a need for authentic photographs buy pictures taken from EyeEm users (that upload their pictures to the market place). EyeEm takes a 50 percent commission. The data base offers over 50 million images.

Shopwings shuts down business in Germany

Rocket Internet-based grocery delivery service Shopwings seem to stop their business in Germany. However, after its launch in Sydney, it is now planning to launch in another Australian city: Melbourne. Also, Shopwings plans to launch in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Delivery Hero launches Haute Cuisine service

Berlin-based Delivery Hero answers to services such as Foodora and Deliveroo which deliver not fast but high end food. Therefor, the company launches a new brand called Urban Taste. The delivery will be done by Food Express, which Delivery Hero invested in this past March. The service will role out in German cities (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt) soon.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Liefery closes Serie A

Neu-Isenburg-based delivery service Liefery closed a Series A round, but decided not to comment on the size of it. However, as a new partner Hermes Logistik Group invested in 28,5 percent of the startup. The investment will be used to role out to more German and European cities. Liefery aims to deliver good within 90 minutes.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Deutsche Bahn invests in ride sharing platform Flinc

Deutsche Bahn and General Motors Ventures invested in Ludwighafen-based ride sharing platform Flinc. The investment is needed to expand to Germany’s country side to let the company connect and offer private ride transfers to costumers in order get to train or bus stations. Flinc will focus on advertising, stating that especially the ad spaces inside the trains are attractive to get the end-costumers’ attention. Details about the size of the investment or shares handed out stay undisclosed.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Rocket Internet shares drop almost 17 percent

After announcing to sell €500 million worth of convertible bonds in its third round after going public nine month ago, Rocket Internet‘s shares fell almost 17 percent (from €40.50 to €34.03).
[Gründerszene] (German), [businesstimes]

Rocket Internet acquires Shopkin und Sparks42

As Deutsche Startups and Gründerszene report Berlin-based company builder Rocket Internet went shopping again. It acquired about 82 percent of the shopping app Shopkin and about 79 percent of the e-commerce solution for companies in the fashion and food sector Sparks42. Rocket Internet declined to comment towards Gründerszene.
[Gründerszene] (German), [Deutsche Startups] (German)

Holtzbrinck Ventures invests seven-digit amount in

Hamburg-based care and nursing platform announces a seven-digit Euro investment from existing investor Holtzbrinck Digital to continue growing its business. Holtzbrinck also bought shares from some of’s business angels but decided not to comment on the exact amount of the investment. was founded in 2011 by Benedikt Zacher, Lars Kilchert and Hanse Ventures CEO Jochen Maaß. According to the platform it has over 10,000 visit per month.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Berlin-based founder speaks about oocyte cryopreservation

Though it became quite a topic when Apple and Facebook announced they (financially) support oocyte cryopreservation, the debate never really continued. Now, Berlin-based 28 year old Pia Poppenheimer, former co-founder of the escort startup peppr speaks about her decision to freeze her eggs.
[Gründerszene] (German)
Image: Some rights reserved by Matt Biddulph