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Today in Germany: Hertha BSC, SoundCloud, Startup Overview Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 22. March 2016

Berlin’s soccer team tries to win on the digital field

Berlin’s soccer club Hertha BSC wants to become more digital. What might sound strange in the beginning makes more sense when you take a closer look. Earlier this year, the club hired former Twitter employee Paul Keuter and made him part of the management team. Part of his job is to integrate social media, but also to continue working on an online ticketing system. Now, Hertha has also started a crowdfunding campaign on Kapilendo which runs for 60 days. Aaaaand: Goal! Within nine minutes the soccer club raised €1 million.
[Gründerszene] (German)

SoundCloud faces new competitor

Berlin-based music sharing platform SoundCloud has to face a new competitor – and it’s not a small one. Apple Music just announced a deal with Dubset, which claims to make mixed and remixed distribution simple and legal. SoundCloud has had to deal with having its music taken down at times but has now inked contracts with Sony, Warner and others.

A journey through Germany’s start-up scene

Being Europe’s #2 – right after London– for start-ups, San Francisco-based MitchelLake Group took a closer look at Berlin’s (and Germany’s) start-up scene. The piece gives an overview about Germany’s Unicorns, incubators and accelerators, as well as the taxation system.

Image: Hertha BSC