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Today in Germany: Rocket Internet, Rocket Internet, Impraise Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 14. April 2016

Rocket Internet shares business figures

Berlin-based Rocket Internet’s nine most important ventures HelloFresh, Delivery Hero, Foodpanda, Global Fashion Group, Lazada, Linio, Jumia, Westwing, and Home24 increased their revenues an average of 69 per cent. HelloFresh (338 per cent) and Foodpanda (373 per cent) grew the most. All in all, the revenue of all startups together increased from €1.4 million in 2014 to €2.4 million in 2015. However, the losses all of Rocket’s startups (except for Delivery Hero) grew from €600 million to €1 billion.
[Gründerszene] (German)

13 interesting figures about Rocket Internet

Ready for some interesting figures about Rocket Internet?

  • More than 36,000 people work for Rocket Internet in 110 countries. Besides its office in Berlin (where 425 staff members work), the incubator has offices in London, Sao Paulo, New Delhi, Dubai, Singapore and Lagos.
  • Delivery Hero itself employs 3,330 people, Foodpanda counts 3,390 people. However, Delivery Hero’s revenue was six times as big their competitors.

More is on [Gründerszene] (German)

Impraise raises $1.6 million

Former Berlin-based startup Impraise raised $1.6 million. Besides others, HenQ, Palm Drive Ventures and China Growth Capital invested in the startup that offers easy 360 degree feedback though their app. Previously, the team participated in the Y-Combinator program in San Francisco.
[press release] (German)

Image: Rocket Internet (Johannes Bruder, Oliver Samwer, Peter Kimpel und Alexander Kudlich (from left to right)