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Today in Germany:, CareerFoundry Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 19. April 2016

Here is how European taxis will now try to fight Uber & Co

One of Uber’s largest advantages was always that it managed to be available in different places in the world – in an actually pretty short time. MyTaxi also added more and more cities to its app and now, European taxi companies decided to work on a similar solution: the apps and eCap decided to join to become one platform. In numbers that means 100,000 cars in the new app vs. 45,000 taxis on MyTaxi. Let the games begin…
[Gründerszene Automotive Mobility] (German)

TechSchool receives funding

For two years CareerFoundry has been teaching people unfamiliar with the subject how to become a techie within six month. After that, you are either a web developer, an UX- and UI designer or an iOS developer. That also sounded good to Tengelmann Ventures, Bauer Ventures Partners, and IBB, which together invested $5 million in this Series A round.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Image: Some rights reserved by zak mc