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Today in Germany: Uber & Berlin, Smarthouse Media, Spotted Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 9. May 2016

UberX to launch in Berlin in June 2016

Uber has to fight battles almost everywhere it launches and one of the big battles takes place in Germany. UberPop, the peer-to-peer service, and UberBlack were forbidden during the fight between German taxi companies and Uber, which is going on for over two years now. This weekend, Christian Freese, Uber’s representative for Germany, announced UberX’s launch in Berlin in June 2016. Different to UberPop and UberBlack, the drivers will have a passenger transport licence.
[onlinehaendler-news] (German)

Adesso AG acquires Smarthouse Media

Dortmund-based IT service provider acquires Smarthouse Media GmbH. After being founded in 1999 in Karlsruhe, the company sold 91 per cent of its stock to Axel Springer Ventures in 2000. Smarthouse Media runs over 300 websites in the financial sector and is part of client projects. Adesso paid about €24 million for its new acquisition.
[Gründerszene] (German)


Today, we presented, Foodguide, and Shipings. Our summary tells what the startups are all about.

Image: Some rights reserved by 5chw4r7z
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