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Today in Germany: Qipp, Spotted, GoButler Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 17. May 2016

Qipp raises seven-digit amount

Not exactly in Germany, but at least nearby: Swiss all-in-one real estate app Allthings from Qipp raises about €1.8 million. The app connects landlords, renters, their neighbours as well as external services (e.g. moving services) with each other. The investment came from several business angels, like Marc Stilke, former CEO from Immobilienscout 24 Germany and Lars Grosenick, founder and CEO of Cologne-based real estate CRM software provider flowfact. Qipp sells the software to large real estate administrators, who offer it to renters for free. It has signed contracts with about 30 companies now in Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The investment will be used to expand to more markets and open offices in Zurich and Freiburg.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Spotted: Vinary, ROCKETHOME, Der Kontext

Today, we introduce three more startups you may or may not have heard of. A wine seminar for at home, a company that connects home devices, and an online magazine that connects certain topics to almost all information available on the topic, to give you in-depth insights.

GoButler changes business model – again

It was just May 2015 when GoButler was founded by a Rocket Internet trio. The idea: Having one app than handles all your request: booking a trip, ordering a pizza, buying shoes and bringing them to your house. As you can imagine, it was just a matter of time until requests went to “Tell me three jokes”, “Break up with my girlfriend” and what not. At least, that’s what is heard from former support people. However, after expanding the business to NYC, the Berlin office closed entirely, and two of the three founders left the company. In NYC, GoButlers pivoted and decided to only manage flight requests. That, as we hear now, didn’t work either. Now, GoButler, renamed to, aims to offer technology that supports businesses with automated conversational commerce using natural language processing.
[Gründerszene] (German), [TechCrunch]

Image: Some rights reserved by DDohler