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Spotted: Horizn Studios, Laptopfox, Conceptboard Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 23. May 2016

Smart Traveling: Horizn Studios

160203_landingpage_trolley_usb-258a812122948ba06a93422107cf7617What looks like standard luggage is actually travel accessories and suitcases brought into this century. Focusing on simple design, the bags and suitcases have little extras people who are constantly on their phones and laptops (well, who isn’t?) will appreciate. The Horizn Studios suitcases have a battery charger with two USB ports that re-charge your phone up to eight times. That can be helpful at airports, where you can’t find a power outlet. However, you can also take the battery pack out and take it on the plane with you if you check-in your luggage. The suitcases also have a GPS tracker which can be helpful if it gets lost by the airlines or stolen. But besides this “hardware” the company also offers a “smart travel service”. Customers can ask for recommendations or bookings over Whatsapp. Pretty much what GoButler did recently in New York, but with people replying to questions instead of software.

Computer recommendation: LaptopFox

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.51.34While many of us probably think the easiest way to find a new laptop is to walk into an Apple Store, there is actually way more to it. In order to figure out which computer suits customer needs, LaptopFox asks customers five very easy questions to find out: e. g. requirements the laptop will need to have and the how much the customer is willing to pay. This information is sent to LaptopFox, where an algorithm connects the dots. Currently, each offer is still reviewed by staff. In the future the email will be automated and have more than one recommendation to pick from. Step by step, the company wants to roll out more verticals. While the service is free, the company wants to earn money through partner affiliate programs.

Collaborative working: Conceptboard

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 15.16.57Many teams don’t sit together in one room, one office, one city or even one country anymore. Especially when working on visual projects that can become an issue with many feedback rounds. Conceptboard lets users pin and point their current images and lets others give feedback directly. It is a bit like a Google Doc but for visual content. Conceptboard also offers teams whiteboards to brainstorm. With project tools it refers tasks to other people to get organised, just as in Asana or Trello.

Image: Screenshots from Horizn Studios, Laptopfox, Conceptboard

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