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Spotted: MIITO, ASANA REBEL, Mami Poppins Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 30. May 2016

The right heat for your cup of tea: MIITO

While many are obsessed with coffee, warm or cold, other are more into a good cup of tea. And there’s more to tea than one would think. One of the most important components is the right temperature. Also, a lot of times, people don’t need an entire pot of tea, but just a cup. MIITO introduces a solution that works with two parts: an induction base and a magnetic rod. Once you drop the rod into your cup, the base creates an electromagnetic field. That way, the water heats up. On the base you can enter the temperature needed. That may differ, not only by the choice of tea you have, but also by the type of liquid you need to warm up: e.g. baby food.
6,052 people backed this project with €818,098 on Kickstarter (as of 05/30/2016) and are excited to see it coming to life soon.

ASANA REBEL – Yoga on the go

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.43.22Yoga has become a trend worldwide. While some offices even offer yoga classes for their employees, other people join courses at a studio or at their fitness club. But often, people don’t find the time to go somewhere or to participate on a regular basis. In that case, Asana Rebel could become an option. Short videos show and explain how to exercise and for how long in detail. The app wants to offer courses based on each user’s level of knowledge and fitness. The app also wants to keep you motivated to continue with daily push notifications. Looking at the iTunes App Store ranking, people seem to love the app. With a 4+ star rating and positive comments, it seems to be worth a try.

Mami Poppins – renting instead of buying childrens’ buggies

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.44.54Having children can become a pricy thing. Especially because they keep growing and you can hardly buy clothes as fast as they grow out of them. Another thing is the buggy. While you can buy a new one or a used one, Mami Poppins offers buggy rental. Part of the deal is that it gets cheaper, the longer you stay with the contract which offers varieties between six and 24 months. According to the company, that can help save as much as €700 per year. Besides that, people can also do daily rentals, e.g. when traveling. Those start at €10/day.

Image: Screenshots from MIITO, ASANA REBEL, Mami Poppins

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