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Today in Germany: Number26, Rocket Internet Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 2. June 2016

Number26 closes customer accounts without further explanation

There’s been a lot of talking going on about Berlin-based fintech startup Number26. While many customers mention how much they like the service, a lot of those in touch with the support team stated things aren’t going well. However, now Number26 canceled a few hundred accounts. The reason for that? Unknown. The company states, each and every cancellation has a reason. Unfortunately, these are not communicated. That raises questions, like if people have used the ATM too often, which costs Number26. Gründerszene has the entire story.
[Gründerszene] (German)

And then he sold his company to Rocket Internet

TechCrunch reported about Christian Sarcuni, former CEO of Italian-based PizzaBo, who sold his business to Rocket Internet for €51 million in 2015. He tells a story of unkept promises and bad surprises. Gründerszene reported about it and spoke with Rocket Internet – they tell a different story.
[TechCrunch], [Gründerszene] (German)

Image: Georg Räth / Gründerszene

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Post/ bank/hackathon/cologne

Time: 3–5 June 2016
Place: Wohngemeinschaft Köln
Costs: free

The POST/ bank hackathon in Cologne will be the opening stage for the POST/ bank Hackathon Roadshow. The goal: to find out how the digital future of banking might look like. Participants work on developing innovative digital banking products, focussing on fintech/insurtech, smart data, service revolution, blockchain and related topics. The community-driven event series puts the developers in the heart of the action and supports the local community by enabling knowledge exchange and intense networking.