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Spotted: Haftpflichthelden brings insurance to the 21st century   Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 25. July 2016

When moving to Germany, you may sooner or later figure out that we have an insane amount of insurance. Apart from our health insurance and care insurance that you have to have by law, we also have a retirement insurance, one to cover our expenses in case something happens to our household (Hausratsversicherung), and one to cover certain work at the dentist (Zahnzusatzversicherung).

“Better safe then sorry”

In Germany, we believe each of them has a good reason – however, you’ll find many people thinking we’re just overprotective and probably a little nuts. One that makes a good bit of sense to me though is the Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance). It steps in when I accidentally break someone else’s stuff, or for example when coffee spills on your MacBook.
As one can image, the insurance business is tricky and complicated. People are afraid to sign pages of paragraphs and end up with a wrong contract for years. Also, it does take a lot of time and effort to compare all insurances, prices and what they cover. Therefore, agents usually take that job and earn a good amount on the commission.

Bringing insurance into the 21st century

Targeting the group of people under 25 years,­ Hamburg-based Haftpflichthelden (German for “liability heroes”) aims to cut the pain of getting liability insurance into a three minute process:
After downloading the app, one enters their contact details, and picks a starting date.
If you want to start now, you can choose to cancel your old contract immediately, pick a date in the future or wait until your old contract is canceled (which they should do for you.)
They ask whether or not you have had more than two insurance cases in the past five years.
The next screen already tells you that your insurance will cost you €72 per year. Your own contribution in case of accident will be €150. You can cancel your contract whenever.
Comparing that to other insurance companies, you’ll find that there are also some that will insure you for as low as €23 per year. However, your contract then usually lasts for 10 years and cannot be canceled any day, something that Haftpflichthelden offers.
Also, Haftplichthelden covers you with €50 million maximum (which should cover most cases). The range is large: Losing your key and having a large set of locks replaced, for example, as well as rental car crashes within Europe, a stolen bike, a replacement or repair in your apartment or causing expenses when accidentally emailing a virus.
Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.12.45


Haftpflichthelden’s UX is great and they picked an easy and fresh design to give a larger overview of the fields they cover. However, in the insurance and money field I personally always have little doubts and would therefore rather have a list of possible insured cases than a short example list.
The app is useful for getting insurance and for reporting cases.
Have you tried the app? Share your experience with us.

Images: Screenshots