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Ahmad Ahmad on how he left Syria and landed a gig at a Berlin startup Written by Christine G. Coester on 21. December 2016

When Berlin Calls – Ahmad Ahmad moved to Berlin three and a half years ago from Syria. He works as a trainee for the Newsletter2Go‘s IT-team. Here is what the 28-year-old had to say about Berlin and the startup environment.
“I came to Germany three and a half years ago and at first I was in a very small town near Frankfurt. The people went to bed at 8 o’clock in the evening.
I came two times to visit Berlin; I liked it. It is a crazy city, always hectic and totally different from where I was.
So I decided to come here to start studying or to find a better job.
IMG_3230Berlin has more chances for young people to work or to study. I think it is somehow easier to find the thing which one wants.
[Newsletter2Go] accepted me for a one month internship and after that internship I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I was looking for some other trainings, so I asked them if they had other chances.
I didn’t have any idea that the company was a startup. The first time when I came they showed me the place and I noticed that it was somehow small. And I thought, ‘Do you have other places, maybe?’ They told me they are a startup and that they are relatively new.
From the first moment here, I got the feeling it can be a warm place to be. I immediately felt very welcome and everyone was so nice, even though I knew nothing about them… I am very happy I am here. I feel like I know all of the workers and all of them are really nice.
I come to the company for two weeks and then go to school for a week. I am not really a programmer, but I was interested in IT and programming. Now I am doing tasks for front end and back end development. I am getting a lot of experience.
This is my first real work in a company. In three years, I should be finished with my studies and if I get opportunities here, I will stay. I like the people and I am learning a lot, so now the idea is that after those three years I will stay here.”