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5 funky food startups in Germany Written by Christine G. Coester on 14. March 2017

Snack Insects

A dish of grasshoppers and red peppers. Who's hungry?

A dish of grasshoppers, garlic, parsley and red peppers. Who’s hungry?

Few startups are brave enough to venture into the business of bugs. Snack Insects, a Hamburg startup, is one of them. The company was founded in 2013 by Folke Dammann. Dammann, who pitched his startup on the famous German tv show, Die Höhle der Löwen, is the first to admit his product is for a niche market. But he still thinks that insects, as a powder or grilled, are a great replacement for animal proteins, like beef and pork.


NearBees delivers local honey in an envelope.

NearBees delivers local honey in an envelope.

Viktoria Schmidt and Michael Gelhaus founded Nearbees, a honey-delivery platform, in 2014. Based in Munich, their team of five works around the clock to organize the delivery of local honey to their customers. Over 1,100 beekeepers are registered on the platform and the specially-designed reusable envelope, Schmidt says, even reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions, compared to the conventional honey glass.


Bocusini 3D prints food in every imaginable shape.

Bocusini 3D prints food in every imaginable shape.

The Munich-based startup Bocusini, backed by Print2Taste, uses a 3D printer to make intricate food products in the shape of almost anything. The startup offers “a printer, a portfolio of printable foods and a fully integrated 3D food printing web platform.” The Bocusini printer creates these delectable designs out of chocolate and marzipan.

Lüttge Alge

Lüttge Alge, is the brand launched by the Vechta-based startup Evergreen-Food (German). Launched in 2014, Lüttge Alge offers products derived from the micro alga Chlorella, like algae oil, algae powders and algae supplements. Unlike sea weed, a macro alga, Chlorella is a single-celled plant that is so small that the human eye only sees green water where it is growing. One of the oldest plants on the planet, it has 74 times more iron than raw spinach, 25 per cent more protein than soy and is high in vitamin B12, according to the startup.

Hanf Natur


Hemp baking mixes are just one of many products offered by Hanf Natur.

Hanf Natur is a German wholesale website, exclusively devoted to selling organic hemp products. Hanf Natur has a variety of different supplements, raw materials and foods, like hemp noodles, pesto, oils, teas and baking mix. They even offer hemp cosmetics, bags and backpacks.

Photos via Snack Insect, Nearbees, Lüttge Alge, Bocusini, Hanf Natur