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5 tips to innovate your startup Written by Michelle Beck on 13. April 2016

If you’re looking to innovate your company, the time to start is now. Chances are if you’re looking for changes and new opportunities, you’ve found some problems – big or little. These problems, though sometimes pesky, can be gateways to making important and lasting changes to your startup and that’s good news! We’ve compiled these steps to help you and your company find success.

1. Create the environment for innovation

In order that you or your team can make positive changes, you need a fertile, conducive environment. It might look different for everyone, depending on the size of the company and the industry but generally good ideas come from interactions. Reach out to that person whose career you’ve been following. Call that extra meeting. Allot time for creative thinking and encourage new ideas.

2. Throw away constraints

Often companies are stuck thinking about the barriers rather than the possibilities. One of the key benefits of a start-up is being able to adapt relatively quickly. If your brand needs a major upheaval, get started. If you see the potential of a new customer base, pursue it.

3. Reward creativity

Google encourages their engineers to use 20 percent of their time on personal projects. Assuming you have a dedicated team, the rewards of doing something like this can be huge. Your team will be able to bring new skills and ideas to your company. Some of Google’s most popular innovations were born out of this personal project time.

4. Stay up-to-date

In order that your innovations are met with positive response, you have to stay up-to-date. Follow the news in the industry you work within. See what other companies are doing. Identify what’s changing and how you can use the changes to your benefit.

5. Use your customer base

Who better to seek help from than your customers? If you include customers in the development process, you are guaranteed better results. There are numerous ways to reach out. Try surveys, early access to new products or even a company blog. Building a trusted community like this will let you innovate with greater input.
Happy innovating!