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50 Things to Do Before I Die, from one Berlin-based marketing director Written by Marguerite Imbert on 9. April 2012

Entrepreneurs have big dreams. We also have iPhones (and, which keep us from writing dreams down. When one member of the Berlin startup community showed us her “bucket list,” we asked if we could publish it. She said yes. Here it is, unedited:

My bucket list
1.	Trip to Europe‘s most northern point
2.	Re-build a few friendships
3.	Start my own business
4.	Sky Dive
5.	Live in New York
6.	Write a novel
7.	Get married
8.	Change a life
9.	Fall in love with a stranger
10.	Making a speech in front of a huge audience, minimum 1000 people
11.	Spend a week in a monastery
12.	Have the freedom to live and work from everywhere
13.	Win a medal
14.	Catch something and eat it
15.	Tour to Australia‘s outback
16.	Ride a camel in the desert
17.	Have a son and a daughter and be a good mother
18.	See the pyramids of Giza
19.	Sailing in the Caribbean Sea
20.	Own a Landrover Defender
21.	Donate to charity
22.	24 hours alone in the Jungle
23.	Go to Tibet
24.	Fly a helicopter
25.	Own a thing only a few people have
26.	Trip to Rio de Janeiro
27.	Stay healthy
28.	Get a distinction
29.	Travel to a new place without knowing where to stay
30.	Learn italian
31.	Work at a Startup
32.	Swim with turtles
33.	Kayak on Yukon River
34.	Solve a crime
35.	Go on a Safari
36.	Build a brand from scratch
37.	Speak at TED
38.	Do stand-up comedy
39.	Learn the tango dance
40.	Go ice fishing
41.	Go hunting
42.	Compose a song
43.	Visit the seven wonders of the world
44.	Participate in a marathon or triathlon
45.	Hold a koala bear in Australia
46.	Go to Disneyland
47.	Feel like I am living my dream
48.	Participate at „Tomatina“
49.	Sleeping in an ice hotel
50. 	After all be satisfied with everything I achieved in my life

If you want to share yours too, just send it to We would love to read it.