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Save precious time and money – 6 of the best free productivity apps for entrepreneurs Written by Hanno Fichtner on 29. October 2012

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No one knows better how daunting the sheer endless amount of apps, promising to increase productivity or to simplify your workflow can be, than the founder of a mobile apps startup. Dr. Hanno Fichtner, MD and co-founder of the mobile startup Game Finder has cherry-picked the most helpful free productivity apps he uses on a daily basis to help him manage his workload…

Pocket – Using ‘offline’ time productively

Pocket logoDue to my business experience I appreciate the use of “offline” times, such as the train ride home or the plane journey to the next business meeting. Pocket is an application formerly known as ReaditLater. It is a simple to use utility that lets users save web content from a variety of platforms for the offline consumption.

I can definitely recommend the use of Pocket, as it lets me save interesting blog posts, videos or articles during the day when I don’t have time to view them. All saved content is one click away, for me to read later on my iPad, even without an internet connection.

Google Drive plus Dropbox – Easy file-sharing

google drive dropboxWorking in a creative incubator such as HitFox with nearly 70 employees, divided in various teams, makes a quick, adaptive and easy file-sharing solution a necessity.

We use Google Drive and Dropbox to share files among ourselves to provide the HitFox team members with up-to-date files at any time and anywhere in the world. I particularly like how these two cloud-based storage services let you completely forget about synchronisation.

Evernote – The “remember everything” app

evernoteEvernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. I use Evernote to jot down notes or create to-do lists.

Working in a creative team means that a lot of the ideas that we come up with don’t always come to us when we sit in the office. The app automatically synchronises across platforms and devices or lets you share your notes with colleagues.

1Password – For maximum security

1PasswordI think we all have the same problem – we want to maximise security by using different passwords for different websites, but who can remember them all? That’s why I started using 1Password. It’s a password manager that stores all username and password combinations for various sites.

It’s great because it brings me both, security and convenience, which is very important when you need to manage a variety of business accounts. Its two layers of security give its users more confidence about putting private data on their iPhone.

Just Book – Making travel arrangements on the go

iconFinally, as Game Finder is expanding into several countries worldwide, I am constantly on the move, meeting with potential clients all over the world to give users the best experience possible. Because of all that traveling I need a reliable hotel-booking app that can adjust to last minute changes. That’s why I use Just Book every time I travel through Europe. It offers smartphone users the fastest booking of first-class hotels in top city destinations with last-minute price deals.

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