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6Wunderkinder drops Wunderkit, announces Wunderlist 2 Written by Nina Fowler on 6. September 2012


WunderkitBerlin productivity startup 6Wunderkinder is dropping project management app Wunderkit and will release a new version of its hit to-do list app Wunderlist later this year. Today’s press release puts it like this:

Initially built as a test product to be replaced by the company’s second product, Wunderkit, Wunderlist has proven to be the standout performer… As a result 6Wunderkinder has decided to pursue a single brand strategy focused on Wunderlist.”

The new Wunderlist 2 will “combine the best features of Wunderkit and Wunderlist, plus a whole lot more”. Wunderkit will remain available in beta for now but will eventually be shut down completely.
Today’s news is a blow to the hype that’s surrounded 6Wunderkinder since CEO Christian Reber and five friends founded it in 2010, boosted by a $4.2 million of venture capital from Niklas Zennström’s Atomico last year, but not necessarily an unwelcome one. Reber told GigaOM in an interview last month the Berlin startup scene in general needs less hype, more focus.
“Wunderkit had a successful beta launch, we have acquired more than 400,000 users since we launched in February 2012,” he said today. “However, we couldn’t ignore the overwhelming continued success of Wunderlist. As a startup such impressive active user numbers are what guide your business.”
Wunderlist 2 will include a shift from Titanium to native applications across Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android and web, plus a new backend. It’s impossible to deny the success of that app – more than 5.5 million downloads and almost three million registered users.
Other investors in 6Wunderkinder include Deutsche Telecom’s investment arm T-Venture, which recently announced its own strategy shake-up, and Earlybird Ventures, which recently acquired a stake previously held by High-Tech Gründerfonds.
More detailed reasoning behind the decision announced today can be found on the 6Wunderkinder blog and Christian Reber’s personal blog.


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