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6Wunderkinder set to launch Wunderlist 2 before the end of the year Written by Charmaine Li on 6. December 2012

Wunderlist 2

Wunderlist 2
Berlin-based productivity startup, 6wunderkinder, today announced that its hit list-making app Wunderlist 2 will soon be available across major platforms before Christmas. The iPhone and Mac apps are currently with Apple and awaiting final approval but will arrive just in time for you to get organised for the new year.
A couple of months ago, the company decided to drop Wunderkit, its project-management app, from its roster to focus on developing Wunderlist, so today’s announcement comes as no surprise.
According to a company blog post, Wunderlist 2 has been “reengineered, rebuilt and redesigned from start to finish” with faster and more stable performance across devices. The technological shift from Titanium to native apps built for each platform will come with regular app updates and features.
To make transitioning easier, the brand new server architecture supporting Wunderlist 2 along with its Cloud Sync will allow users to access all of their Wunderlist 1 data immediately after download and login to the updated version of the app.
The startup has remained mum on exactly what the “host of new features” included in the launch of Wunderlist 2 will be, but the redesign promises slick graphics for retina displays as well as an improved user interface.
If the anticipation of Wunderlist 2 is too much for you, you can sign up here to be one of the first to be notified of updates on the online task management tool.

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