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6Wunderkinder announces Wunderlist Pro – a route to monetisation? Written by Michelle Kuepper on 18. April 2013

Wunderlist 2

After doing the rounds at the rumour mill for weeks, 6Wunderkinder‘s Wunderlist Pro is officially on the way – and with it, the Berlin-based startup’s planned business model.
Wunderlist 2News of the new product’s key features leaked about a month ago, with an accidental tweet linking to a 6Wunderkinder newsletter for select users and supporters. Wunderlist Pro will initially be available for iPhone, Mac and the web, followed by Android and Windows. The app is currently in private beta and is waiting approval from Apple – the team hopes to go live in the iTunes store next week.
The pro account for the cloud-based, cross platform productivity application will be available for $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year – per user. The company is tight-lipped about the full suite of features for now (and will be introducing new ones after launch) but the main selling point will be the ability to assign tasks to other users and add accountability to shared lists. Wunderlist Pro also features unlimited subtasks and new backgrounds.
The fairly hefty fee for the so-far minimal new features is prompting quite some discussion on the 6Wunderkinder blog, with comments flagging that discounted team packages need to be introduced. The company is, in fact, promising business packages in future, a necessary move as for the app to be useful in a business setting whole teams will need to use it. The first version of Wunderlist Pro will target small groups, teams and businesses.
width="300"Launched in November 2010, 6Wunderkinder has faced criticism from the business-minded crowd as – despite attracting an impressive four million users – until now it had no business model. The startup previously planned to monetise with Wunderkit Pro, another premium service for its users – but axed it after just a few months in 2012.
As for concerned fans of free app Wunderlist, the company promises that the app will remain free and that they will not remove any of its features to push users to the premium model.
In his blog, 6Wunderkinder CEO and co-founder Christian Reber also flags coming improvements to Wunderlist, “beginning with the sync – improving reliability (and making it real-time!), adding more intuitive reminders, as well as the ability to upload files to tasks, and, of course many more features. 2013 will be a great year for Wunderlist, as we are planning to release new features within a cycle of every four to eight weeks, if not faster.”
At the end of last year, the app did face some problems with Wunderlist 2, which was criticised for not syncing between products. 6Wunderkinder’s technical support was also slammed by some users for not adequately responding to complaints and requests for help.
So far, 6Wunderkinder has received over €5m in funding from Atomico, T-Venture (Deutsche Telecom’s investment arm) and Earlybird.

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