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"We've quadrupled our expectations" – 6Wunderkinder's Christian Reber talks Wunderlist Pro progress and plans Written by Nina Fowler on 26. July 2013

Christian Reber

Wunderlist Pro MacAbout ten months after the difficult decision to scrap second product Wunderkit, Berlin startup 6Wunderkinder is ramping up the new pro version of Wunderlist, with a major new feature and new pricing for businesses rolled out last night.

Wunderlist, available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web and – recently – as a packaged app for Google Chrome, is a free to-do list, now at over four million registered users (“closing in on five”) including at least 40,000 team and business users.

Wunderlist Pro, the souped-up paid version, is steadily picking up some of the features previously marked to collaboration tool Wunderkit, starting with the ability to assign tasks to users and, as of yesterday, add files to tasks. The new feature works with any file – photos, spreadsheets, presentation decks, PDFs and sounds – with unlimited storage.

Individuals pay $4.99 per month for Wunderlist Pro. As of yesterday, business customers can also choose to pay between $22.99 a month for five people (a 10 per cent discount) and $1,749.99 a month for 500 people (a 30 per cent discount).

Christian Reber

The three-year-old company isn’t sharing paying customer numbers yet. Keeping in mind that it’s still test phase for Wunderlist Pro, here’s what 6Wunderkinder CEO Christian Reber told us: “We’ve quadrupled our expectations. That means, we thought we’d just sign up a couple of businesses, a couple of individual users, but I guess because the brand and the product existed for such a long time, people were eagerly waiting for it.”

About half of those who’ve signed up for Wunderlist Pro so far are individuals; the rest are business customers, with the company’s focus on growing that latter group. Users in the crucial US market seem to be particularly keen to go pro – about 40 per cent of paying customers hail from the US compared to about 29 per cent of the overall total.

Right now, 6Wunderkinder employs about 40 people, mostly in engineering and product and without a dedicated sales team. That might change towards the end of the year, which is also when the company will consider raising new investment funding.

The original vision – build the ultimate organisation and collaboration tool – hasn’t changed. “We believe Wunderlist can grow into a 100 million user product like Dropbox, Evernote,” Rever said. “We think it can be highly profitable. I think it’s a great market.”

Updates on the way for Wunderlist Pro include more tools for team communication. The company would also like to eventually release a Wunderlist API.

But Reber and the team are keeping the key lesson from Wunderkit in mind: “We have to start really simple and build from there. Add more features and make our users more happy and extend the potential user base with every release. That’s the key learning.”

Images via 6Wunderkinder


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