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7Moments – A beta way of sharing photos Written by Charmaine Li on 3. February 2012


There’s a slew of photo-sharing apps and websites out there. So, what makes 7Moments different? Well, after joining the 600-odd invited users on a beta-test run, here’s why we think it’s worth a second look..


With the introduction of Facebook’s new timeline, those cringe-worthy photos we’ve conveniently forgotten about are harder to hide. But lets be frank, they’ve always been tricky privacy-wise, and sneaking away your more treasured or embarrassing pics from unwanted “friends” is a long and menial task. Hence, the timely introduction of 7Moments. It’s a default private photo-sharing platform that lets you share your captured moments with those you choose. Simple.

Selected photo sharing

“We were on a trekking trip with Nepal with 12 other people and we wanted to exchange photos. I found it really hard to find a platform that let me share them with a select group” says CEO co-founder Stefan Kellner. Also an avid photographer and traveler, Kellner, teamed up with creative developer Markus Angermeier and tech-savvy David Linner to begin working on his lightbulb idea in June last year.
7Moments founders

It’s like Flickr… but easier, like Facebook… but more personal

Flickr is great for exhibiting all those shots worthy of coffee-table books. With anyone from professional photographers to everyday snappers, it has accumulated a mass following of more than 50 million registered users. 7Moments has a bit of competition on its hands, but they’ve got something a little less indiscriminate and a little more intimate.

“It’s also about sharing photos with those who haven’t got a Facebook profile. I can’t make it accessible to my Grandparents or children,” says Kellner. The platform design is simple and sexy, its usability – straightforward. “Keep it simple, stupid” is the fitting phrase.


The working snapshot

To add an album, you can either upload photos from your computer, click and drag them in, or select them your Facebook account. To invite those to view an album, it’s a simple matter of adding-in emails. An integration with Facebook contacts is in the works and plans for grouped email lists are on the way. Once someone’s been invited to view, they’re free to add photos to the album. There’s no option to comment on photos, but that may be in pipeline.

The company is currently ironing out the creases for an expected launch in three to four months. Currently, the site is in both German and English, with plans of expanding into Latin American language platforms. In terms of building up a revenue stream, the 7Moments team has a few ideas up their sleeves, but nothing solid for now. “We want to see how people engage with the service first before we think about revenue,” says Kellner. While the bulk of the service will be free, they’ll be extra paid features like photo-book printing.

Face to Facebook’s open graph