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Photo album platform 7Moments is go – a more private alternative to Facebook Written by Nina Fowler on 6. September 2012


For those sick of holiday snaps and baby photos from Facebook friends they barely know, new photo-sharing platform 7Moments is introducing a simple alternative.

The app, launched last night for web (above) and iPhone, lets users create private albums to share with selected friends, who can upload, comment and rate photos. “Every album is a tiny social network”, as 7Moments co-founder Markus Angermeier puts it. “Share one album with your family, one with your friends, one with your partner.

7moments founders
Angermeier, David Linner and Stefan Kellner (above l-r) founded 7Moments in 2011 in Berlin, and last night’s launch comes after at least six months of beta testing.
The original inspiration came during a trip in Nepal. “We were on a trekking trip there with 12 other people and we wanted to exchange photos. I found it really hard to find a platform that let me share them with a select group,” Kellner told VentureVillage in February.
It’s not the first tech startup for Kellner. Before 7Moments, he co-founded pre-Foursquare location-based services app Plazes with Felix Petersen – who went on to build hot Berlin startup Amen – and sold it to Nokia in 2008.

Solving the Facebook problem

7Moments is one of a number of recent attempts to create a platform with more intimacy, privacy and specific purposes in mind than Facebook, and also fits into the growing popularity of photo-sharing sites (Instagram, EyeEm, as well as steady old Flickr).

Technically, it’s just as possible to share photo albums privately on Facebook as well – either by painfully sorting friends into “Close Friends”, “Acquaintances” etc or by creating custom lists for certain albums – but it doesn’t look so good or feel so natural. To invite viewers to a 7Moments album, it’s a simple matter of adding emails. Once they’ve been granted a private link, they’re free to like, comment or add photos of their own.

The 7Moments team are still working on a business model but it will probably involve some kind of pay-extra features, for example to print-off albums as paper photo books.


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