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Devil-inside and °°Rilana°° – a Smeet love story Written by Charmaine Li on 14. February 2012


Gone are the days when you need to be perceivably human to fall in love. Cupid’s arrow strikes in odd places, like through the digital airwaves of the online world. Just ask Markus and Yvonne; a happily married German couple whose first romantic liaisons were sparked four years ago through self-created avatars; Devil-inside and °°Rilana°°. The 3D animations met on the more-subdued and socially-focused version of Second Life – Smeet; a Berlin-based company that has exported its virtual realms to countries such as the US, France, and Italy (to name a few).

Smeet married“The first time we talked was via voice-over IP,” said the couple in a statement to VentureVillage. “In the beginning it was just an online friendship using messenger and webcam until we exchanged our private telephone numbers. We talked for many hours, for many days, for many nights, but everything was as friends until we decided to visit a friend of ours from Smeet as well.

“This is where we met for the first time personally and we liked each other as much as online. On our way home we quickly realised that both of us wanted more than just friendship so we decided to meet up and we began a relationship.”

After two years of their online and offline relationship, Markus and Yvonne tied the knot on September 25, 2009. “I really wish that many many years are still to come. A lot of people say that’s it’s not possible to fall in love online but I think we proved them wrong and we’ve shown that it works,” they said.

They’ll have quite a story to tell the Grandkids!

Smeet married