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Meet the most inspiring investor on my Twitter feed: Accel VP @MaxNiederhofer Written by Julana Chondrasch on 27. April 2012

I follow many investors on Twitter including Ciarán O’Leary and Max Claussen from Earlybird, Stefan Glaenzer, Kolja Hebenstreit from Team Europe, Eric and Alex from SoundCloud, Christian from Wellington Partners, Jason Calacanis, and Morten Lund. But there is one that sticks out from the rest of the feed.
Max Niederhofer is VP at Accel Partners, previously founder and CEO of Qwerly (acquired by Fliptop in November) and Angel in OneFineStay, Botocca, Skinlinks and He also has a killer twitter feed. His one tweet “If you’re having a bad day: today in 1976, Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800” has been retweeted 1918 times.

Which investor inspires you with his Twitter feed? Here’s mine.

Max has recently given up smoking, thinks that most of his friends have bad taste in music (bummer), doesn’t like girls with Android phones, loves innovation and Moscow. He’s also pretty good on giving honest advice to founders. Here’s a collection of tweets that have inspired and entertained me the most. Do you see what I mean?
1. Too often we mistake what is hard for what is valuable. Just for today, take the easy route and see what the results are.
2. Here’s a new thing: pitch me your business without using adjectives. This will make things much easier on both of us. 🙂
3. If you’re raising money in Europe and you’re not on AngelList, you’re making a mistake
4. In a startup, the hard thing isn’t killing bad ideas. It’s killing all the good ideas you shouldn’t do right now.
5. I can’t wait until people stop saying Cloud. Your startup is in Shoreditch, your servers are in Virginia, only thing “in the Cloud” is you.
6. The downside of this whole lean startup thing is that a lot of people seem to think it’s ok to launch crap. It’s not.
7. Don’t stop at the obvious answer. Everyone else also knows that answer. Keep digging and that’s where the innovation is.
8. Surround yourself with people that say “Yes, and…” rather than “No, because…”
9. You and your three exclamation marks are not going to change my mind.
10. Rocket is great training for young entrepreneurs. Kick-ass teams emerging
11. People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. I can’t stop repeating that.
12. Build something extraordinary. You need to delight and astound.
13. Abstract startup advice: do *one* platform and do it well. iOS, Android OR Facebook. No one needs you to do everything at prove stage.
14. Interesting pitches, but (1) make us dream, (2) show proof of your hypotheses, (3) moar metrics!
15. It’s important to be a great surfer, but it’s also important to have the discipline to find the right wave.
PS: Max is “absolutely drowing in email.” In January alone he has “sent/received well over 7,500 emails”, so make sure to tweet him, not email him. He will reply, for sure!
Imagine if investors could mentor their founder with DMs… Anyone coming close? Let us know.
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