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6Wunderkinder takes the fight to Evernote with "Add to Wunderlist" Written by Nina Fowler on 14. March 2013



Berlin startup 6Wunderkinder is taking flagship product Wunderlist beyond its core to-do list function with a new “save and curate” web clippings tool.

The “Add to Wunderlist” browser extension lets Chrome, Firefox and Safari users make simple web clippings – title, text, URL – and add them to lists within the Wunderlist app. The extension is also integrated with Amazon, Asos, Ebay, Etsy, Hacker News, IMDb, Twitter, Wikipedia and YouTube, so appears as a button within those sites rather than just a bookmarklet in the browser bar:



The extension also works with popular web email clients Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail. More sites and services will be added in future – and the “Add to Wunderlist” code is available on Github for those who want to make the jump on their own.

“The line between managing your professional and personal productivity is becoming increasingly blurred,” 6Wunderkinder CEO Christian Reber said in a press release. “Our goal with Wunderlist is to deliver a solid tool that supports both, whether it be turning an email into a task for quick easy actioning or sharing your favorite movies list with friends.”

For 6Wunderkinder, this is probably the biggest update since the launch of Wunderlist 2 – which itself followed the axing of 6Wunderkinder’s second product, Wunderkit. As GigaOm’s David Meyer pointed out, the new web clippings tool is a step towards Evernote territory – though Reber (who uses both) said he still sees Wunderlist as the “main tool for tasks” compared to Evernote as the “main tool for notes”.

Obviously, Evernote is leagues ahead when it comes to sorting and organising large amounts of clippings – but that might just be the appeal for the only-occasional Evernote user. No need to think about tags, just add-to-list.

Wunderlist currently claims more than 3.8 million registered users and 9 million downloads. The next big milestone will be the launch of paid-for version Wunderlist Pro, which is expected to include some of the features previously planned for Wunderkit.

clippings: flickr user Nina J. G.


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