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Amalie Warberg on why she chose Berlin over London Written by Christine G. Coester on 16. December 2016

When Berlin Calls – Amalie Warberg, originally from Denmark, moved to Berlin from London in 2015. The 27-year-old now works as a content manager for Unu. Here is what she had to say about her experiences working for startups in the two cities.
“I am a creative person – this is also the industry I am working in – and I felt that London sucked all the creativity out of me.
The first time visiting Berlin, while still living in London, I could immediately feel how the creativity started blooming within me.
In London you can feel how everyone is fighting to get by. The fact that the cost of living and working in London is so expensive makes the atmosphere super tense and people constantly have their elbows out.
In Berlin people have a more genuine interest in who you are, not just what you can do for IMG_3209them. The whole atmosphere is so much more chill here and that leads to more creativity.
I also see this creativity at work – not just in the creative team, but with all of my colleagues. To get a job at Unu you need more than just the right qualifications, you have to share the same five core values. One of them is “creative challenger” and this really shines through in everything we do.
Things moves so fast in London that often you don’t have a second chance. If you fail, another company or a person is going to come and take your place. Here the time moves slower.
I’m definitely staying in the startup scene for now. Being in a startup you always have more freedom, the possibility to take initiative and have a visual impact. Only three months into working at Unu, I had my first ‘OOH banner’ hanging in 23 u-bahn stations in Berlin.
I love the drive in the startup scene. The whole atmosphere is to never think ‘I’m done,’ you always think, ‘what is next?’
There are so many things to do, the only problem is time.”