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What does Amazon's secret project mean for customers? Written by Marco Weimer on 15. April 2016

While mail order company Amazon just made headlines in the US because of their recent decision to have three CEOs and because of its acquisition of image analysis startup Orbeus, Amazon is making headlines in Germany in two different ways.
First, the US company will be more energetic in the future against striking employees in Germany. Before the Berlin labor court Amazon obtained a ban on strikes at the premises in Pforzheim. According to Golem, the labour union Verdi said the judgment will have nationwide impact.
The second change is more important, especially among logisticians such as Hermes and Deutsche Post. According to media reports, Amazon will supply customers directly from the country’s first urban logistics location, and deliver within two hours.
Due to Amazon’s new delivery offensive, German customers and logisticians could face the following changes:
· Under the project name “Dragon Boat” Amazon is globally restructuring the entire supply chain from the factory in China to delivery to the customer. This was shown by leaked documents published by Bloomberg. Amazon did not comment on this yet.
· For this delivery change, there must be construction of logistics locations in city centers. What has already happened in the US and England, will now also happen in Germany. First stop: Berlin. According to Süddeutsche Zeitung Amazon will open its first urban establishment in Kurfürstendamm this summer.
· In Hamburg, Munich and Ruhr-region more logistics centers are planned to be opened. From these locations, the goods are to be supplied with electric scooters to beat traffic.
· The turbo-delivery “Prime Now” customers can subscribe annually for the price of 49 Euro, and the package will arrive within two hours
· The German logistics competition is said to have been prepared for Amazon’s offensive. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that Hermes has offered cooperation with Amazon. Hermes intends to use the planned Amazon package stations and in return the US company will allow the use of the Hermes parcel shops.
Either way, German logistics providers will have to arrange with the global delivery giant. Once in Berlin, Amazon will continue to expand on its innovative edge, with or without cooperation.
This article was originally posted on Gründerszene.

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