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Amen Explore transforms app into pocket peer-powered city guide Written by Linsey Fryatt on 14. June 2012

amen explorer

Amen, our favourite app for airing opinions has just released a new location-aware Explore function to the mix that allows users to browse users’ views according to location-based information.
amen explorer
So if you want to find the best noodles in Tokyo, the finest bowling alley in Boston or the classiest cocktails in Manhattan, there’s an Amen for that.
The new features include exploring Amens based on your current location (using your GPS positioning). You can also see what fellow Amen acolytes are saying about a specific city through Explore Cities – so you can see who is recommending the most awesome experiences in Berlin, New York, London, San Francisco etc.

Ditch the guidebook – ask for Amens instead

Each location’s Amens can be filtered by category – Food, Entertainment, Music, etc. essentially turning transforming the app from simple Post-It Note to a pocket-sized, peer-powered travel guide. Coupled with Amen’s other multimedia upgrades the Explorer feature heralds a raft of more sophisticated peer-recommendation services for Amen. Perhaps we’ll see an Amen restaurant guide, Amen gig-review service, Amen picture-rating – anything that can be reviewed by your peers could be turned into a dedicated channel.
As we reported last week, the Amen Explore release was originally delayed, thanks to some issues surrounding these new user recommendations – some Wet T-Shirt Amens (brought to vivid life, thanks to the new picture functionality) had cropped up in the Sports recommendations.
Caitlin Winner, CPO at Amen explained to us: “The Explore feature means that you can look up what people think are the best restaurants, drinks, sports activities,in your vicinity, but it also opened it out to opinions from people you don’t follow.”
The “mild nudity” issues have now been adressed and the Amen “Explore Release” is available on the iTunes Appstore now.


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