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Video: The Anatomy of an Accelerator – Part Two Written by Patrick Steller on 6. January 2014

After we released the first part of our video series “The Anatomy of an Accelerator” last year, we checked in to see how startups High-Mobility and Flux were going halfway through the Startupbootcamp programme.


This three-part series aims to show how the two teams develop and evolve their business ideas throughout the accelerator programme. In the first part of the series, we took a look at the two-day selection process. For the second part we returned to the accelerator halfway through the programme to see where the two startups were at. Jan Johannes and Daniel Rieth from Flux (the inbox for all networks) managed to attract reinforcement to their startup, as did Risto Vahtra and Kevin Valdek from High-Mobility (the hardware startup that connects smartphones and tablets to any model of car).

During the first half of the programme both teams constantly challenged themselves – along with working day-in and day-out at Startupbootcamp, the two teams also travelled across Germany to pitch their ideas at startup competitions. And they did so successfully – High-Mobility accepted an invitation from Daimler to travel to Silicon Valley shortly after we released part one of Anatomy of an Accelerator.

In the second half of the video we explore how the founders are doing emotionally. How are they handling the constant input from mentors and experts? How are their business ideas and their aims for the future changing each time they make a new contact? And how are they dealing with the pressure of preparing for the fast-approaching Demo Day?

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