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Announcing Our Change Written by HEUREKA editorial on 25. February 2016

Welcome, from the HEUREKA team

Any new project, venture or company requires change. No matter whether that enigmatic six-letter thing is synonymous with fear or exhilaration for you, it’s what keeps the world spinning, new ideas flowing and people coming and going. It provides ample opportunity for growth and forward-looking thinking but also reflection and recalibration.
On our part, we’re excited to tell you about the changes we’ve made. For one, you’ll notice what was once VentureVillage has become HEUREKA. Inspired by the persistency of an idea and the namesake conference we run, we want to bring you something completely unique: a German-based publication, in English, part lifestyle, part business, covering the exciting start-up ecosystem.

You’ll find on our website:

News – ‘Today in Germany’, a round-up of daily, emerging start-up news along with other important reports on what’s happening in the industry
Features – Practical tips, how-to’s and lifestyle advice, useful and engaging whether you’re in Germany or abroad
Profiles – People and places. Faces you should know. Up-and-coming European cities. And of course, insights into our home-base, Berlin!
Events – In such a social industry, events abound! Here you’ll find listings of start-up events where you can engage and build relationships with those who share your enterprising spirit

We hope you enjoy, contribute to and share HEUREKA.

To get in touch with us, please send us an email:
Editorial Team: