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Apple iPad 3 – German LTE version on 7 March? Written by Linsey Fryatt on 14. February 2012

Apple’s iPad 3 could be announced on 7 March, and could come capable of working on Germany’s super-fast LTE 4G network. The latest version of the hugely popular tablet will be announced by the company at an event in two weeks’ time, according to Apple blog iMore.
The blog claims that the new iPad 3 will feature a quad-core processor, while other sources including the Wall Street Journal claim that the iPad 3 will also come packing LTE compatibility.
This would be especially good news for Germany, as its LTE 4G network is growing faster than most in Europe, with an estimated 100 per cent coverage hoped for this year. Countries such as the UK and France are still lagging behind in the LTE race, thanks to continued wranglings over the spectrum. The standard offers super-fast data transfer (connections at up to 100Mbps) and will eventually replace existing 3G networks.
The WSJ also reported that Apple is considering release of an 8in iPad – a smaller version than the current 9.7inches – creating a more compact (and presumably slightly cheaper) model.
Other specs are still being fiercely debated, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for LTE and the same retina display as the iPhone.