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Apple Store Berlin nears completion – opening in May? Written by Nina Fowler on 19. April 2013

Apple Store Berlin

Apple Store Berlin

Berlin’s new Apple Store is nearing completion after months of renovation and construction work on a historic building site in West Berlin.
According to Apple Insider and Germany’s iFun, builders have started removing the black scaffolding that’s shielded the building – a former movie theatre on shopping highway Kurfürstendamm (not shown in the photo above) – during past months of work.
And when’s the opening? iFun is taking a guess, citing several independent sources, that the new store will open in the first weekend of May. Apple Germany didn’t confirm a date when we got in touch.
There are currently ten Apple Stores in Germany – this, the eleventh, will be the first in the capital. Judging by the number of Apple products seen in the average Berlin coworking space, it should do good business.
Apple has about 330 retail stores worldwide, which together sold $16 billion worth of merchandise in 2011. In the US, where the majority of the company’s retail stores are located, Apple brought in more revenue per square metre that year than any other US retailer (the same article questioned whether enough of that makes it back to the 30,000 odd employees on US retail shop floors).
Other new Apple Stores in the works include two in the Netherlands and one due to open this Saturday in Plymouth in the UK.


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