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LinkedIn a little limp? Bang With Professionals lets you sex-up your business life Written by Michelle Kuepper on 5. February 2013

“Because people you want to bang aren’t always Facebook friends”

After Bang With Friends, the social plugin that lets you mark the Facebook friends you’d like to, well, bang, went viral on social media last week, the latest craze is Bang With Professionals, supposedly offering the same service – but with your LinkedIn contacts.
The concept is simple: users login with their LinkedIn accounts, anonomously mark the contacts they are keen to have slightly less professional, and more intimate relationships with, and wait to see if they choose them back. Only when both people agree they are interested do they get an email notification that the feeling is reciprical. It’s up to the two parties to take it from there…

“Traffic is doubling every twelve hours”

Like Bang With Friends, the team of five behind Bang With Professionals wishes to remain anonymous. We approached the founders to see if this is the real deal, or just an elaborate hoax. One of the cofounders assured VentureVillage that they are 100 per cent serious, telling us that the site has already received “thousands of visitors and a hundred subscriptions every hour from around the globe.” She also said that the traffic is doubling every 12 hours – not too bad for a site that many people suspected was a simple parody of Bang with Friends.
When asked about the striking similarities between the two sites, the cofounder explained: “We saw what others were doing but we thought that the workplace would be better fit. After all, we spend most of our time at the office with people who share our interests and daily struggles. And we all know married couples that dated for the first time while working together!”
The cofounder admits that the whole idea began as a joke, but says “Once the subscriptions started to come in we quickly realised that the interest was no joke.”
At the moment, the team is waiting for the hype to slow down, as only then will they know if there is a real interest in the service. In the mean time, they’re busy working on adding extra features and services. But whether it will be as successful as Bang With Friends, which is luring five new users to the service every minute, remains to be seen. For now, Bang With Professionals has a clear motto, quoted on the website prior to its launch: “Because people you want to bang aren’t always Facebook friends.”

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