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BeMyApp – Berlin's app Olympics Written by Linsey Fryatt on 15. February 2012


BeMyAppDevs, designers, coders, CTOs and generally people with killer ideas – keep the last weekend in February free. And buy some super-strength coffee. Feb 24, 2012 will see the very first global App Olympics kick off, and the great and the good in the Berlin tech scene are getting together for the German arm of the event to create awesome next-gen apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and the web.

48-hour hackathon – is there any other kind?

The BeMyApp Mobile App Olympics is a 48-hour hackathon and startup bootcamp for mobile web and mobile apps, with big-name sponsors including Nokia, 6wunderkinder, WorkHub and Amen.
The event will be held simultaneously in seven cities over the world – San Francisco, New York, Dallas, London, Paris, Zurich, and right here in Berlin at Ahoy! workspace.
Participants are given one minute to pitch their concept to engineers and designers, who will then form teams and start turning them into actual apps – great news for those with good ideas but lacking in technical skills.
Two days later, a jury of experts from the German mobile industry will determine the local winning team, who then have the chance to go on to world glory.

Not just kudos, prizes too

The winning team will receive a prize package including a voucher for a flight to Silicon Valley with free accommodation for a week for two team members. And even if you don’t win, there’ll be Nokia Lumia 800s up for grabs for Windows Phone developers and free accounts for various mobile-related web services.
And don’t worry about signing your rights away – all apps built during the weekend will belong to the participants only.
Register for BeMyApp here – and we’ll see you soon