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# 6 and #7: Berlin offers a wide range of human and spatial resources Written by Martin Weiß on 31. October 2011


A newly-founded business needs space and good people. Reasons six and seven from ten for Berlin being our Silicon Valley of Europe say why the German capital is a perfect source for both.


6) More universities means more qualified people

Finding employees is a key topic when founding a business. The term “war for talents” also applies to the start-up world. Even though, in Berlin, many employers are competing for good employees, thus driving up wages. But, on the other hand, a multitude of universities, colleges of higher education, private colleges, institutes and educational establishments offer a variety of potential skilled employees, especially in the fields of design and technology.

Especially start-ups looking for trainees and student assistants find a huge variety of possible candidates to choose from in the German capital. According to, head-hunters have the choice between 140,000 students of four universities, almost 30,000 students of seven public universities and 1,400 students of art colleges. The additional amount of people willing to come to work in Berlin especially for its flair of a capital makes the choice even wider.

7) Startups can scale ideally in Berlin

Some cities are perfect for the starting of a business while others present the perfect locations for major corporations comprising several hundreds or thousands employees. Due to its size and diversity, Berlin has the advantage of being able to host nearly all stages of an enterprise – from living room businesses to 1,000 square metre big offices. Despite sometimes taking up to several weeks or even months, the search for premises is usually crowned with success as Berlin offers a broad spectrum of office sizes, facilities and prices.

In terms of staff and service providers, companies may scale flexibly and easily in Berlin – be it upwards, from freelancers, student assistants and performance-based agencies to permanent employees, expensive agencies and office lofts, or, at the point where the company’s success didn’t turn out as expected, there is always the possibility to go back to a smaller business scale.

Image credit: Flickr user ralph and jenny.