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The Berlin Startup Cheat Sheet Written by Lauren Ingram on 28. October 2013

Berlin’s startup scene is as multidimensional as the city itself. To help out those of you new in town, here’s an edited version of Lauren Ingram‘s great take on who to meet, where to work and where to eat. Got your own suggestions or guide for us? Get in touch!

10 people worth knowing

  • Nicole Simon – She knows everything about social media, about the Berlin startup scene, about grammar, and she is not afraid to tell you.
  • Edial Dekker – Former cofounder of Gidsy, now Head of Mobile at GetYourGuide. Serial founder and startup poster boy.
  • Caroline Drucker – Head of International Brand Communications at Etsy. She’s ballsy, she cares about equality in the workplace and she used to work at SoundCloud and Vice aka #winningatlife.
  • Jess Erickson – Formerly of General Assembly and now founder of Berlin Geekettes. A self-made PR machine and promoter of awesomeness.
  • Severin Matusek – Community Manager at EyeEm. He really knows his shit. Ask him how to maintain a community that’s hitting several million people.
  • Derk Marseille – Founder of the FridayAtSix talk show which interviews entrepreneurs in front of a live audience (oh, and free beer). Also founder of (German news in Dutch).
  • Linsey Fryatt – Formerly the Managing Editor of VentureVillage, she is now starting the Clarity PR Berlin office. Scottish, super smart, lovely, and not afraid to admit she likes free drinks. Respect.
  • Nikolas Woischnik – Founder of TechOpenAir, a festival in August bringing together art, tech, science and music. Fingers in lots of pies (Stylemarks, Eventbrite, Flinx, etc).
  • Colette Ballou – Straight-talking, no bullsh*t PR woman, founder of Ballou PR (Berlin, Paris and London). Mentor at 500Startups.
  • Van Bo Le-Mentzel – A bit of a maverick (even a hippie), he’s the mastermind behind the Bauhaus-inspired DIY movement called Hartz IV Moebel. The book is in English & German.


10 food/drink/work establishments worth checking out

  • Betahaus – Coworking space, large cafe with free WiFi and decent food, weekly networking breakfast on Thursdays. Next to Moritzplatz U-Bahn.
  • Agora Collective – Coworking space in Neukölln with cafe and small garden.
  • The Startup Gallery – Former art gallery, now home to the Startupbootcamp plus coworking space, and a small cafe/part-time cocktail bar.
  • Weinerei – Cafe/bar with wine-tasting in the evening: pay €2 for the glass, fill up as many times as you want, pay what you want.
  • ChénChè – Absolutely delicious Vietnamese food, beautiful setting amongst lanterns, incense and bamboo plants. Rosenthaler Platz area, close to various startups.
  • Sauvage – “Paleo” restaurant, bit pricey for Berlin but tasty.
  • Bei Schlawinchen – A 24-hour bar. Not for the fainthearted. Microcosm of Berlin.
  • Cafe 100 Wasser – Get an all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch for under €10.
  • Floor’s Cafe – Yummy lunches, slightly slow service but typically photogenic Berlin cafe.


10 resources really worth knowing

  • VentureVillage – Ed: That’s us! The Berlin startup news site. Run by a lovely team.
  • StartupDigest – A weekly email roundup of upcoming startup events in Berlin (hackathons, networking events, talks etc). Available in other cities too.
  • HackFwd’s Goodbye Letter – Lars Hinrichs (founder of Xing, Germany’s answer to LinkedIn) shares learnings from former incubator HackFwd. Lesson #5 has a massive list of reading resources…
  • Überlin – Super popular Berlin blog by the always-friendly James Glazebrook (communications @FactoryBerlin) and Zoe Noble (photographer). Useful resource if planning to move to Berlin.
  • Berlin Startups Facebook Group – For sharing ideas, asking questions and stimulating debate. Not to be confused with the Berlin Startup Jobs group or Berlin Startup Flatshares group – put your content in the right place or get moderated all over.
  • HackDesign – A newsletter with loads of links, videos, cheat sheets, games, all sorts to give you a thorough grounding in design. The lessons are also available freely on the site.
  • How to approach the press – Linsey Fryatt (mentioned above)’s slides. Helpful! Not unlike Mike Butcher’s slides but you probably know those already…
  • ITS in Berlin events list – List of resources, specifies which sites are best for which events.
  • Berlin Startup Jobs – Yep!

You can check out the rest of Lauren’s Berlin Cheat Sheet over at her blog Fake Bananas.

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Image credits:
Featured image via Tech Open Air’s Facebook (Dan Taylor – Heisenberg Media)
Betahaus – flickr user Harald
Coworking space – flickr user Heisenberg Media

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