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Berlin startup mockumentary series improves but no one seems to care Written by HEUREKA editorial on 17. November 2016

The second episode of Berlin Startup Leaks’ video series appeared online without much ado. Even I forgot about it and it is my job to remember. Sort of.
Compared to the first episode, which received over 2,000 views, the second video, the Business Plan, has been out for over a week and has less than 200. I account for at least two of those.
A shame really, considering it is snappier and the visuals more creative. It is also a minute shorter, which I think most of us would agree was a good call.
It has been said, and extensively verified with analytics, that most people do not have the attention span for anything longer than five minutes, and I am being generous here. There are far too many glowing rectangles around to distract us.
A sentiment shared in the video: Can anyone hold a conversation without looking through Tinder profiles?
This is the type of multitasking, which can lead to “disastrous” consequences, i.e. swiping right for “yes,” when you meant to swipe left for “Oh God, no.”
I really liked this playful exaggeration, even though we all know it is not THAT hard to ignore another notification on our smartphones.
The quintessential startup tropes are all still there, but the video moved deeper into jokes at the expense of the self-proclaimed business elites seen buzzing around the Berlin hive. Take business plans, for instance: Does this generation of founders even know what they are? No?
Turns out that business degree might be good for nothing. Ouch.
Visually speaking the video is better composed and more daring. The cuts are faster and the shots are made up of a variety of angles. This makes it fun to watch, compared to the straight shots used in the first episode.
One of my favorite moments is when the curly-haired brunette, who is wearing sunglasses and covered in confetti, bounces while sitting atop an exercise ball that is sitting atop a table. She is celebrating good news.
I interpreted this as a commentary on the eagerness, enthusiasm and excitement every startup employee feels at even the slightest bit of encouraging news. It doesn’t take much to warrant a party and a bottle of champagne in the startup world. Cheers to you, Berlin Startup Leaks.
Enthusiasm could be considered a key characteristic of each one of the characters, other than mustache man, who plays a more grounded, mentor-like role.
For example, curly-haired brunette asks, “What if two people really didn’t like our video?” (I found this particularly fantastic because it plays on the insecurity everyone feels when they post anything online for consumption).
Mustache man looks at her and says, “Ridiculous.” The only logical explanation is that someone is plotting against them.